Wearin' me MOM jeans once more! 

Oh and look.. another selfie for my blog! You may notice this post is very very colourful and Summery looking. I've over indulged on the bright colour pallet especially with the pinks! 
But if you don't go for it in Spring/Summer then when else can you bring out the vividness?!
My t-shirt is from Topman as I do have a habit with splurging money on men's clothes. I'm sure you're aware of this if you've read previous posts of mine or even watched my YouTube videos! But there's no harm in it, if you love it on the hanger then it doesn't matter where it's from!
I bought this Hype t-shirt from Topman at a bargain of £12 as it was a sale find! I don't usually go for branded clothes but this was an exception thanks to the colourful floral pattern.
I then wore my MOM jeans, which really added an 80's urban appeal to my outfit (something that seems to be becoming a habit with my chosen outfit of the days!). It really made me feel very youthful and I certainly had a bounce in my step that day for some weird reason? So it must be true that if you feel confident and happy in what you wear then it will shine through to your personality??!
A very colourful and positive day for me!

T-shirt- Hype (Topman)       Jeans- MOM jeans Topshop      Lipstick- MAC (Impassioned)



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