Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

So I put my blog forward for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 just because I thought it might be a little light hearted fun. I know my blog isn't the most stylish, fashionable blog on the web but I have my own style and outfit idea's that are thrown together from affordable and easy to access high street retailers. I also blog for my own personal love but also hoping that I can help inspire readers to create their own fashion tastes and find what they're comfortable with wearing rather than feel they need to follow trends that they might no find their cup of tea. I'm also a blogger who really believes in supporting brands who I can trust and know that they have great customer service so that I feel both comfortable and proud to be a loyal customer.   
The links available if you would like to nominate me and of course any nominations would be incredible as I'm still only a newbie!

Thank you so much[:


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