Walkin' Talkin' Topshop

Well, I think the title pretty much sums it all up. I am of course wearing complete Topshop and this wasn't exactly on purpose. I just felt these garments went well together and therefore went a little overboard on one of my favourite highstreet brands. 

I'm a girl.. these things are bound to happen!

I wore these rather fabulous leggings, which have very small slim navy stripes that I think could easily pass as denim from a distance. I also rolled them up a little further at the cuffs just to show a little more ankle and create one of my favourite styles of rolled up jeans and ankle boots.
These leggings are super, super comfy as well as flattering for the figure and pull everything in, but to a comfortable amount. You're definitely not struggling for air during the day!
I then wore a plain speckled grey Jersey tee with rolled up sleeves and then a chunky gold and black necklace just to make the shirt stand out a little from the plain side.
Finally my black chunky boots, which I seriously have separation anxiety with. They are never without my feet! I mean never.

Leggings- Topshop          T-shirt- Topshop       Necklace- Topshop    Boots- NewLook



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