Sports Jersey

The sun was shinning so I thought I'd rock out in my oversized sports jersey! The crazy things we do when given a little hint of sunshine, eh?

I bought this jersey quite a while back from Topshop but I've noticed that a lot of high street stores are stocking similar garments in the new spring trends. It's all about the oversized sports vests and sweaters that are flooding in, especially with big brands teaming up with sporting names such as Addidas.
I also am a firm believer in making sporty have a girly theme. As you can see I've added a red lipstick to my outfit and curled the ends of my hair, which I believe has really mixed in the feminine side. By tucking my jersey in to my jeans I think it's made the jeans much more dominant and eye catching.
Finished all off with a pair of my skater shoes from Topshop and a pair of sun glasses of course[: 
This is a very girly laid back look!

Jersey- Topshop     Jeans- Topshop      Shoes- Topshop



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