'Sex Bomb' Review - LUSH COSMETICS

I had a very LUSH [; bath today with the bath bomb 'Sex Bomb', which was a very floral and sweet smelling ball of fizzy'ness.
I'm a big fan of Lush products, which I'm sure most girls are who have experienced a bath or shower with one of their products. They are super satisfying for the skin as well as a little treat to spice up bath time in case you wanted an added touch multicoloured bath water or perhaps a dashing of glitter?
This bath bomb produced a rich pink colour for my bath as well as leaving little remains of almost pink petal like pieces floating in the water. I know some people are a little bothered by the pieces of petal or seaweed that bath bombs can leave behind but I'm not too fussed, they are almost relaxing and remind me of something at a spa?
For £3.25 this is certainly a little luxury treat for us girly girls out there who love indulging in anything sweet and pink! I shall certainly be purchasing this bath bomb again! 

Good job LUSH!


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