Pink & Gingham

Pink fluffy jumper with gingham leggings.. 'ello! I loved this look as it was super laid back yet so 60's inspired at the same time. I felt my hair should have been the proud owner of a bee hive do!

So the sun has been incredibly bright and beautiful these past couple of days, which is why I've whacked out the sunnies! Although, we still have a slight chill in the air so I've stuck true and loyal to my fluffy knits. 
I wore my cropped pink fluffy jumper from Topshop (bear in mind people, this whole outfit will probably be Topshop.. woah.. never expected that!) with an oversized t-shirt underneath as I felt the jumper was a little too cropped to be daring with my leggings. 
That's also one of my biggest no no's is leggings with cropped tops.. it's something I personally dislike! 
My leggings, I'm guessing you know are Topshop and I believe were £22, which for a pair of comfy patterned leggings are pretty darn good! I've also been wanting to wear them with everything I own.. denim shirts, blouses, jumpers, t-shirts!
I wore my faux converses just to add the more casual feel to my outfit and that is pretty much my whole look summed up. Maybe I'll be able to wear something else other than Topshop tomorrow?! I shall try.. I PROMISE.

Jumper- Topshop        Leggings- Topshop       Sunglasses- Primark


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