Motel Rocks Lovin'

You may have noticed a little va-va voom has occurred on my blog. I'm a very indecisive person and that reflects a lot on my constant decor changes on this site, but I think I've finally found a design I like. Almost a shabby vintage look? Mmmm.

If you have been a reader from waaaay back at the beginning then you are without a doubt incredible and if you've just joined then you are well on your way to being the best.. but you may just remember when I used to be a little busy bee and create a few pieces from well known websites and play a little game of dressing up. 

This is exactly what I've done but with a slight twist, I've chosen 3 pieces that I think will go ridiculously well together from one of my favourite brands, Motel Rocks.

Playsuit          Black Fluffy Cropped Jumper          Black Bomber

My first look is a very grungy 80's look as I'm a little bit of a fan from that era. I also think the playsuit is the biggest, vibrant statement piece for this outfit and will go perfectly with black tights and boots. I've then stuck with a black theme and gone for a black fluffy crop jumper for extra warmth and then a black bomber. I think this will certainly draw the eye to the pattern on the playsuit and really bring out the blues.

With a topknot and a little red lipstick you'll be good to go!

Trousers               Oversized Shirt               Pink Fluffy Cropped Jumper

 This is a very preppy look that I've fallen head over heels for. I love a good old fashioned shirt with a jumper over the top! I think it's one of the cutest/easiest looks to create and you can work it so many different ways that it becomes a timeless classic. I've created this look with these beautiful spotted black and white trousers, which are easy to throw on if you're having a mad rushed morning and unsure what to wear. They literally become a perfect piece to work around and create an effortless look, which is why I've paired mine up with an oversized white shirt and a pink cropped fluffy jumper to add a girly twist to the outfit. 

Skirt                 Fluffy T-Shirt              Cocoon Coat

My final look is another girly take on classic pieces. The centre stage position goes to the rather classy and so very high school tartan skirt in rather lovely pastel pink, grey and rose colour's. This already sets off the main canvas to work around as the skirt is a perfect statement piece and has a great pattern to work with. I've then chosen a fluffy white t-shirt to compliment the whites within the skirt as well as being a blank piece that wont draw away any attention from the skirt. I've also chosen a black cocoon coat with a slight embroidered pattern to it, which also means eyes stay firmly on the skirt so that it can soak up all the love and attention it deserves.

. . .

My main theme of these three looks are eye catching pieces that are easy to dress up and pair wardrobe essentials with such as blank t-shirts, shirts or jackets. I often make my own choices for outfits via this rule as I find it works well and you don't get all hot and flustered because you can't find anything that goes well together (story of my life!!). I also think you can create some bold and vibrant outfits this way by choosing a strong piece (whether that be via print, pattern or embroidery) and then work around what to pair with that item and what works well to make it an overall strong look.

Thank you[:




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