Hats & Plaid

I hope Valentines day wasn't too painful for you! I just had a cosy night in with my best two boys, Ben & Jerry. They were extremely lovely with a little cookie dough! (I do hope you've caught on to the fact that I'm talking about ice cream otherwise this sounds a little naughty..)

Today I felt like a super comfy oversized shirt was in order. Therefore, I wore my Topshop checkered or plaid, which ever you'd prefer, shirt and my pair of vintage high waisted jeans (Joni's) again from Topshop.
I then felt this was a little bland and too laid back on the sofa looking outfit, which is why I bought out my Indiana Jones inspired hat that I'm slowly becoming more inclined to wearing outdoors. I get a little too embarrassed too easily at times, which is why I think I put off wearing things such as hats that could draw more attention to me.
I then decided to add a dark purple lipstick once I'd walked to work as I felt the hat wasn't needed inside as well as imaging the fellow colleagues stealing it from my head every now and then!

I certainly was not up for a game of cat and mouse!

I then wore my black boots from Fashion Union which were £20.
 I love these boots but they are definitely not designed for long walks/wearing for a considerable amount of time. You do tend to get a little sore in the foot department as well as suffering from loss of sensation in the toes!

Shirt- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop (Joni's)      Boots- Fashion Union

Thank you[: 


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