Ey' Ey' Sailor

There's nothing better than an adorable striped tunic to make the perfect outfit choice for a February day. 

My stripy love was purchased from Topshop at a reasonable £29 and I have a feeling you shall be seeing a lot more of this one piece in the mere future. I was first a little worried that the length would be a little inappropriate and short for my body but once I'd tried it on it actually appears longer than when you first admire it on the hanger.
I also think it's great having dresses and tunics that you can just slip on when you're having a bit of a mad wardrobe malfunction and are unsure on what to wear. They're just so easy to pair up with a pair of tights and a denim/leather jacket!
You can add a dash of red or purple lipstick and I think you've resulted with a beautiful urban look to your outfit.
I wore my tunic with chunky black boots and my black boyfriend coat, which again is Topshop. I've just slipped on a simple long chained necklace in a gold colour for a little bit of detailing as I decided to go without lipstick for once.

Tunic- Topshop       Coat- Topshop        Necklace- Topshop



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