Black & White Stripes

I can't decide whether black and white stripes are a trade mark for robbers or are in fact a classic print that can be worn timelessly. I'm going to go with the second option in this case as I'm recently a victim to falling in love with this Jersey piece from Topshop costing a ridiculous £18. Bargain my friends!

I wore my Jersey piece with my acid wash jeans, which are also a purchase from Topshop. They're the Leigh style so of course are oober comfy!! I added a slightly thick black belt to my jeans and tucked the over hang of the top into them just to add a little deeper illusion of an oversize look. Although I didn't take a photo of them (classic amateur blogger I am) I wore white frilly socks sticking out of my flat Chelsea pointed boots. Extra cute cute cute touch!

My lipstick is my Mac pride and joy in the shade 'Impassioned'. I thought this colour really complimented the whole outfit as well as adding a dash of extra vibrant colour.

Top- Topshop      Jeans- Topshop      Lipstick- MAC

Thank you for reading.


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