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Garden Pose

This picture made me laugh so much! I literally look like I'm posing for a holiday snap except my backgrounds of a huge luscious mountain has been replaced with a couple of bare trees and a great big brick house. So, let us focus on my outfit choice and not the.. um.. flower pots.

Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari

I recently received a sample of a rather luscious smelling perfume, which is the Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari. To be fair I haven't heard about this brand before so I was pretty intrigued about what kind of scent it would be. I'm a girl who has very fussy kind of skin that only reacts well to certain perfumes so when I try new perfumes I often spray them on and then have a wonder to let the scent soak into the skin and then have a good sniff to see if the smell has developed into something foul or something gorgeous. I like to think my skin just has a diva strop with anything new that touches it!  I found with the Omnia Crystalline perfume was a very sweet and delicious when first sprayed but then also long lasting so every now and then you catch a waft. I love perfumes that last for a longer period of time as it just makes you feel a little fresher if you've been out all day or at work and it's also good to know you're still smelling lovely! It's also not over po…

Ey' Ey' Sailor

There's nothing better than an adorable striped tunic to make the perfect outfit choice for a February day. 

Hats & Plaid

I hope Valentines day wasn't too painful for you! I just had a cosy night in with my best two boys, Ben & Jerry. They were extremely lovely with a little cookie dough! (I do hope you've caught on to the fact that I'm talking about ice cream otherwise this sounds a little naughty..)

Tartan Power

I can't get enough of these bad boy leggings! First of all they are made from a tartan patterned material and secondly they are ridiculously comfy in their cotton legging design. Why would you not want tartan leggings in your life?!

Motel Rocks Lovin'

You may have noticed a little va-va voom has occurred on my blog. I'm a very indecisive person and that reflects a lot on my constant decor changes on this site, but I think I've finally found a design I like. Almost a shabby vintage look? Mmmm.

If you have been a reader from waaaay back at the beginning then you are without a doubt incredible and if you've just joined then you are well on your way to being the best.. but you may just remember when I used to be a little busy bee and create a few pieces from well known websites and play a little game of dressing up. 
This is exactly what I've done but with a slight twist, I've chosen 3 pieces that I think will go ridiculously well together from one of my favourite brands, Motel Rocks.

Black & White Stripes

I can't decide whether black and white stripes are a trade mark for robbers or are in fact a classic print that can be worn timelessly. I'm going to go with the second option in this case as I'm recently a victim to falling in love with this Jersey piece from Topshop costing a ridiculous £18. Bargain my friends!

Check Out My New Video

Just a quick mention!!.. I've also uploaded a new video for my channel so feel free to check it out. It once again features my friend Beth who I recently can't seem to get rid of? 
Link's down below[:

Acceptable In The 80's

Anyone else singing the blog post title in their heads? That little catchy tune by Calvin Harris? I'm guessing I shall be humming that for the rest of my evening then.. apologies if anyone else is now suffering.