Fresh Air ;Day 101

Would you look at that? A new location. Well.. maybe outside in the back garden doesn't exactly count as a new location but it certainly makes a refreshing difference to the usual room selfies.

Readers meet my newest addition to my wardrobe, my dark green tartan leggings. Dark green tartan leggings meet my readers! Great, now that we know each other let me just blab on about how beautiful they truly are..

Recently purchased from the wonderful Topshop they are without a doubt the most useful statement leggings to have in a wardrobe. Not only are the super, super comfy they are also flattering and versatile. Tartan is one of my all time favourite prints this year and I can NOT seriously get enough of it. Especially the darker prints! They are beautifully easy to pair with oversized jumpers, shirts, jackets, t-shirts and so much more and they are a statement piece that shan't be disappearing anytime soon into the banished fashion prints vault!

I paired my £25 bargain pair with an oversized light weight sweater, which is historically old from Topshop as well as wearing my chunky lace up boots, again from Topshop. I also wore a chunky triangle gold necklace, which I've had since forever and then wore my boyfriend fit coat from.. you guessed it.. Topshop. Full house right here!

I decided to go pretty simple and let the leggings do all the talking, which I think worked well[:

Leggings- Topshop       Sweater- Topshop      Boots- Topshop      Coat- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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