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Fresh Air ;Day 101

Would you look at that? A new location. Well.. maybe outside in the back garden doesn't exactly count as a new location but it certainly makes a refreshing difference to the usual room selfies.

We Hit The Big One! ;Day 100

I have finally hit my 100th blog post on Louulia! Wohoooo! Maybe it should have happened a little earlier if I could actually keep up to date with my blogging but we've got there eventually.
100th post baby!

Layering Up ;Day 99

Hey guys! Today's look consisted of a little layering, something I'm extremely obsessed with right now. It's also a technique that's hitting the high street with quite a storm as well as arriving in perfect time for the colder weather. So we'll be kept lovely and toasty as well as being bang on trend? PERFECT.

Lime Green Shirt ;Day 98

Today I stuck with one of the most simplistic outfit idea's you can ever come by. 
A shirt and leggings.

Long Time, No See ;Day 97

Let me start this blog post with the biggest and most amazing..
Happy New Year!
I hope each and every one of you had the most beautiful and incredible Christmas with a wonderful celebration into the New Year. Once again, I have failed at keeping my blog up to date but I have however recorded and new video for my YouTube channel, which hopefully you'll take a look at[:
Let's see what 2014 shall bring us?!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox