White Jumpers & Tartan Leggings ;Day 90

It's the return of the glorious tartan leggings! Oh yeah baby.

But first things first, please excuse the Hermione inspired hair. I basically tried a new purple hair chalk that I received recently and it looked awesome when I applied in one evening. However, I then slept with it in tied in a high bun and woke up to a knotty, sticky, dried out mess, which once brushed through (after a good amount of tugging) became a hideous frizzy mess. 

My outfit for today consisted of the rather eye dazzling tartan leggings, which if you're familiar with my blog are becoming to know rather well. As always with my vibrant patterns, I tend to dress them up with very simple garments so that I'm not too confusing with lots of popping and extravagant decorative textures and patterns.

I threw on a very casual, slightly oversized lightweight sweater, which is from Topshop forever ago. This is one of my all time favourite items in my wardrobe simply because it's so easy to pair with everything as well as being oober cosy and yet still looks flattering. 

Finally I managed to dig out these beige boots, which I believe were from Primark? I've had them for quite some time but never really find myself wearing them.. so I thought today would be the day they ventured out of the shoe draw. They loved it.

That's pretty much my look summed up for today. I also applied a little pinkish lipstick for a little more colour and tamed the hair as best I could before giving it a darn good wash later that day. I've never been so satisfied to wash my hair in my life.

Top- Topshop             Leggings- Topshop         Boots- Primark

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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