So in Fashion

I just wanted to write up a post about an online fashion brand I recently came across!!

I recently wanted to find myself a classic vintage coat, which I could throw on day to day and would keep me extremely toasty and happy throughout the upcoming chilly seasons. Therefore, I've been scanning the web and high street for something to match my ideal coat that's burning away brightly in my head. 

I then came across a brand called So in Fashion, which intrigued me to have a hunt through their selection of garments. Although I didn't come across my dream coat, I did, however find a few pieces that I may have to put aside for my next payday.

I have put together a small collage of my favourite pieces that I discovered and sort of.. well maybe deeply fell in love with. 

I found a lot of the clothes on So in Fashion are very similar to those available in many high street shops but the difference being they are very very reasonably priced and there's always something about them that adds a quirk to make them stand out from the others. For example they have a huge variety of swing dresses as well as shift dresses and the difference being the adding of sleeves, unique and interesting patterns, the occasional collar and other little twists.

I firstly picked out a couple of dresses that are right up my street. I love the tartan swing dress because.. it's tartan. Obviously that's not just the case (although I do have an extreme and expanding obsession for the pattern) but the fact it is also a dark green colour really is refreshing after being surrounded by the classic reds tartans in the high street. AND .. it's £15?! What WHAT?!

 The other dress is a shift dress, which drew me in thanks to the scratched out checkered pattern. I'm pretty sure this has a particular name but I've decided to describe it instead?! Once again a classic piece that you could easily pair with black tights and ankle boots, maybe even a beanie to tone down into the casual zone and a little red lipstick for the more sophisticated do.

Next I chose a couple of jumpers because they are ridiculously essential in Winter. I first caught eyes with a black fluffy kind that has been seen everywhere. They're practically taking over the world. I also laid eyes upon a monochrome style one, which I can picture would look amazing with a light pink shirt underneath and a chunky gold necklace.

 Finally I found a black top, which cut out daisies scattered over the front. Perfect for an evening in the town with a little rich red lipstick and black disco pants! My other find was a blouse made from a chiffon material that again would look perfect with wet look leggings/disco pants and ankle boots for a smart/casual outfit.

So.. although the hunt still continues for my coat at least I have found a new site to start selecting pieces for my Christmas party season wardrobe, which is looking a little bare right now. 


Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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