Snuggly Sweaters ;Day 91

I wore this blue fluffy sweater from Topshop not too long ago in one of my previous posts and now I've decided it's waaay too warm and cosy to push away to the corner of my wardrobe.. hence why it is being featured again.

At the moment I'm pairing this baby blue sweater with a lot of black as I feel it stands out much more than if I had paired it up with blue wash jeans. I also think that blacks and blues are cold/cool colours for winter, which can easily be spiced up with a little red or burgundy lipstick to bring back a bit of warmth.

Today I wore my blue fluffy beauty with black shorts embroidered with lacey detailing that I pretty much lived in over the Summer. I'm going through a faze where I can't get enough of the tights and shorts look as I seem to be constantly seeking out new pairs of shorts that will go nicely for an everyday look. 

And as for my tights.. oh my. If you're unaware of the 'super-cosy' tights from Primark then where the heck have you been?! They are without a doubt the most comfy/snugly/incredible brand of tights I have ever slipped my legs into (that does sound a little creepy ..). But in all honesty they're beautiful! They are basically black thick tights with an inner lining of fleecy material to trap the warmth and keep your legs nice and toasty. Lovely

And of course I wore my black boots once again!! Definitely my Winter essential.

Sweater- Topshop         Tights- Primark         Shorts- Topshop   

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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