Recycling ;Day 96

I'm guessing you're all very familiar with my marble pattern sweater seeing as it's a particular favourite of mine, which happens to appear quite often in my blog posts. Apologies.. but I'm sure you're all guilty recyclers too, which I think is one of the best traits to have with fashion. If you've purchased something you love therefore you're bound to wear it more than once, which makes it a golden purchase and you make your moneys worth. Clothes are supposed to be worn to death! 

Do the deed!!

Sorry for the little preach but I know a lot of girls similar aged to me feel the need to constantly wear new outfits everyday, but come on.. unless you're Suri Cruise who has a designer wardrobe at her very finger tips, which appears to have more to it than a jar of hundreds and thousands then it becomes slightly impossible to wear something different every single day without any repeats.

So therefore, here is my marble pattern sweater that you're becoming very good associates with.

I'm not sure I've paired my sweater up with my wet look leggings before, which is why I opted for this option. It also gives the overall outfit a slight edge? By wearing black leggings and the black of the sleeves, it has highlighted the vivid patterning and layering of the swirls within the marble effect.

I've also worn a plain sleeveless top underneath with a Peter Pan collar peeping out over the top of the neckline to my sweater. I thought this was just a sweet little detail as I didn't want to wear any accessories with my outfit in case it all became a little too much. Plus a collar is never a bad shout!

Sweater- Topshop         Leggings- NewLook       Boots- Topshop 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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