Monochrome Collar ;Day 93

Burgundy jeans and white baggy jumpers were top priority in my outfit choice. Comfort is obviously essential and this outfit certainly ticked high in that catagory! Rather than just stick with a classic jean and jumper look I added little twists and details to decorate and excite the overall appearance.

  I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to pairing up garments with my monochrome checkered shirt so I've began under-laying it instead, which is turning out pretty successful. I love the fact that the collar can peep out from underneath jumpers and isn't bland or boring. The pattern is fantastic to pair with colour's too because it's a simple black and white scheme, which are of course two of the most versatile colour's around.

I overlaid my shirt with a baggy soft white jumper, which I've had since the begging of time (very very old bascially) and I thought would going perfectly seeing as it has such a large scoop neck to show off even more of the underneath pattern.

Rather than just leaving the collar in all it's monochrome glory by itself, I added a silver leafed necklace just to add a little sparkle and extra detailing. It could have worked without but there's no harm with a little chunky jewellery!!

Finally I wore my burgundy jeans to add a little colour to the overall look. I chose burgundy rather than a light blue jean or something similar just because it was quite a subtle hint of colour and I felt I should keep the overall tone to a darker colour scheme. I could have worn wet look leggings or black jeans but I felt perhaps I would have overdone it on the black front? So with the burgundy it just slowly allows a little colour to escape into the outfit without over powering it.

I then wore my black boots.. nothing too exciting!

Shirt- Topshop         Jumper- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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