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Recycling ;Day 96

I'm guessing you're all very familiar with my marble pattern sweater seeing as it's a particular favourite of mine, which happens to appear quite often in my blog posts. Apologies.. but I'm sure you're all guilty recyclers too, which I think is one of the best traits to have with fashion. If you've purchased something you love therefore you're bound to wear it more than once, which makes it a golden purchase and you make your moneys worth. Clothes are supposed to be worn to death! 
Do the deed!!

Tartan Shorts ;Day 95

Outfit for today folks features my very lovely lovelynew tartan shorts from Topshop, which are made from a thick wool coated material. The colour's are also perfect for the season as blue's and greens are all about the town this Winter.

Festive Hairstyle Idea's ;Day 94

My second YouTube channel video is up and ready for some beady eyes to watch! This could and hopefully will be YOU.

Monochrome Collar ;Day 93

Burgundy jeans and white baggy jumpers were top priority in my outfit choice. Comfort is obviously essential and this outfit certainly ticked high in that catagory! Rather than just stick with a classic jean and jumper look I added little twists and details to decorate and excite the overall appearance.

YouTube Video; Day 92

Guys.. I made my first YouTube video?!
So, I'm pretty excited about this.. yet nervous. I know I'm not the most entertaining person to watch but hopefully I'll pass into the acceptable YouTube'ing books! 

Taa daaa! Please spare a few minutes just to give it a quick watch and a sneaky thumbs up! It honestly would mean a lot[: I'm also planning on creating a few more videos and possibly some look books? I shall have to get creative with the camera (.. That sounds worse than it is).
Thank you for reading this post and any of my previous posts. You guys are friggin' awesome!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox

So in Fashion

I just wanted to write up a post about an online fashion brand I recently came across!!
I recently wanted to find myself a classic vintage coat, which I could throw on day to day and would keep me extremely toasty and happy throughout the upcoming chilly seasons. Therefore, I've been scanning the web and high street for something to match my ideal coat that's burning away brightly in my head. 

I then came across a brand called So in Fashion, which intrigued me to have a hunt through their selection of garments. Although I didn't come across my dream coat, I did, however find a few pieces that I may have to put aside for my next payday.

Snuggly Sweaters ;Day 91

I wore this blue fluffy sweater from Topshop not too long ago in one of my previous posts and now I've decided it's waaay too warm and cosy to push away to the corner of my wardrobe.. hence why it is being featured again.

White Jumpers & Tartan Leggings ;Day 90

It's the return of the glorious tartan leggings! Oh yeah baby.
But first things first, please excuse the Hermione inspired hair. I basically tried a new purple hair chalk that I received recently and it looked awesome when I applied in one evening. However, I then slept with it in tied in a high bun and woke up to a knotty, sticky, dried out mess, which once brushed through (after a good amount of tugging) became a hideous frizzy mess.