The October 5; Day 82

The October 5


Once again we have reached that time where another month is over, we are inching nearer and nearer to Christmas and I have once again lagged behind with posts, hence why The October 5 is being written up in November.

. . .

So finally I can introduce to you, The October 5; 

1. Primark

I find with Primark that it goes through stages from everything not being my cup of tea to the complete opposite of needing everything in sight with no self control. Recently for me it has become the new Aladdin's cave and there are so many replicas of high end fashion garments for literally a quarter of the price. Yes, the quality doesn't match up to anything near the real thing but what do you expect if you're paying under £10? At the moment I'm really loving the coats and bags from Primark as I have had so many compliments on my most recent purchased coat and everyone's completely startled after finding out where it's from. Primark, I salute you. 

2. Marc Jacobs - Oh Lola

I bought a gift set of Oh Lola way back last years as it must have been around £25, which I thought for a body lotion and a large bottle of the perfume was a darn good deal? Then somehow it became abandoned at the back of my wardrobe only to be rediscovered about a few weeks ago. I can't believe I went so long without the smell of this luscious perfume! It's very floral but not the sickly sweet floral that a lot of flowery perfumes contain. More of a musky floral if that even exists?! I've only ever tried one other Marc Jacobs perfume, which was the Daisy one but seeing as both purchases have been such a success I may have just found myself a new personal favourite brand. Hopefully I'll be trying out some other perfumes from the range but I shall of course keep you updated[:

3.Dark Lipsticks

Dark lipsticks are my new favourite right now! I really feel they are the added accessory to complete any outfit and they really add an extra wow factor. Nothing screams Autumn quite like a deep purple or rich red colour for your smackers!! Deep colour's also go with practically any other colour so what could be better to complete a look? I admit they can sometimes be a little daunting as they're very dramatic looking but once you've applied them you can be surprised at how subtle they look on the lips without looking like something out of the Adam's family.

4. Yankee Candles

I've recently discovered some of the Autumn/Winter scents that Yankee Candles have released and boy am I in love. I'm not too keen on sickly sweet smelling things but this is one of a kind sweetness that I can stomach.. and restrain myself from eating. What better way to end an evening than chillaxing and lighting up a few candles around your room that ooze cinnamon, vanilla cupcake, apple spice and many more beautiful smells. It really does bring out a snuggly and cosy feel atmosphere!!

5. Skorts

'The heck are these?' I hear you say. Fear not.. all shall be explained! Basically those days where you're unsure whether you need to wear a skirt or whether to go for a pair of shorts just in case of an awkward bend, which will result in revealing all.. well that's where skorts come in! They are a pair of shorts with a wrap of material over the top to give the appearance of a skirt from front on. Pretty genius if you ask me?! They're currently making a scene on the high street and becoming rather popular too, kind of like the new mini skirt?

That's all for now folks. My personal favourites from October that I shall add to my ever growing collection of favourites. 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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