Tartan Overload ;Day 86

I've known this for quite some time, but after uploading these photo's for today's post it's very clear I need to start taking 'selfies' on my camera as the quality is hideous. Bare with me, things will get better I promise you! But I'm sure you can all appreciate early mornings aren't exactly the best time to be faffing around with technology and camera's when you can barely be bothered to scrub your own teeth.

I'm still a learner at this blogger life!

 Okay, moving on! So today's outfit of today featured a rather familiar piece, which is my tartan t-shirt from ASOS. I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with this beauty since we are now experiencing a tartan overload as we approach the festive season. Can't say I'm complaining as I am a huge fan of the pattern and the different colour's that are being produced and paraded around the high street.

I wore my t-shirt with my pair of high waisted black Joni's of course from Topshop. Now that I've been wearing these a lot more they feel oober comfortable rather than the constricting, suffocating feeling they had when I first bought them. Rather than dread tugging them on and now look forward to a snug day of comfort and a flattering figure.

I also managed to forget to snap a picture of my shoes (because I'm clearly very amateur at this) but I wore my Chelsea boots from NewLook last year, which are becoming my favourite Autumn shoe at the moment. I love a little heel as the illusion to longer legs really is incredible, but an inch too high and my feet feel like they're being torn apart. Luckily my NewLook boots are just short enough to give a great illusion without becoming torture weapons! Perfect

And I'm currently wearing my jeans with a high roll up on the leg so that I can show off a little ankle but it creates a slimming ankle effect that I can't really describe. Plus, for some reason my ankles never feel the cold so I'm really milking this look.

I have also paired up a couple of gold necklaces to just finish the overall look off. Although they're not very clear in the photo's they are simple thin chained necklaces with little trinkets. One has a coin with a 'L' on it and the other a couple of beads. Very simple yet adds a little something to the look! I finally wore my big fluffy grey coat, which I have posted about previously (here) as the weather isn't exactly very warm and friendly right now in England.

Top- ASOS (grey version)        Jeans- Topshop         Necklace- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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