Plaid Back ;Day 89

Clever play on words, eh? No I know, it was pretty darn awful..

I would just like to quickly point out that as I write up this blog post.. it is officially..


 I'm so excited/hyper/happy/filled with joy and of course I feel the need to share all these mixtures of emotions with you lovely people. I mean, this kind of thing only ever happens once a year so it's completely normal to be completely bouncing off the walls. I think so.

Moving on..

 I'm a little behind on my posts, surprise surprise, but I've been a little hectic with work and other boring excuses. But never fret, I bring you outfit of the days' galore! 

So my outfit for today consisted of an oversized shirt, which kind of reminds me of a painters shirt for some reason? I'm also pretty sure it's the same shirt Taylor Swift wore in her '22' video (little bit of a claim to fame right there) Mmmm hmm.

I've based my statement piece around this shirt of course and then simply paired black leggings and my faux converses from Primark to add the casual/laid back look that I'm trying to achieve overall. I've also added a slightly orangey/red lipstick to add a tiny twist of glamor back to my look but of course keeping everything very simple and chilled. This was basically everything in a nutshell, nothing exciting or complex, just a very very chill'axed finish.

Shirt- Topshop       Leggings- Boohoo      Shoes- Primark

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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