New Pose ;Day 87

Look I did it!! I took the plunge and hit the timer button on my camera for the classic blogger pose. Genius right?! Who am I kidding.

So this is my blogger pose.. revealed to all. Thoughts?! I guess it'll take some getting used to not taking my usual selfies.

But moving on, my outfit of the day was rather summery and girly if I do say so myself. I thought I should bring bright colour's back for the miserable cold weather that is lurking all around. Plus I hadn't worn this blouse in so long that it needed to be flaunted around the place.

My blouse is from Topshop but a little word of advise; it is very oversized so if you are taking a fancy to purchasing one for yourself then I do suggest going down a size. I'm a big fan of oversized but certainly not when it looks as though I've shrunk to the size of a Polly Pocket!

I then wore my classic vintage Joni's, which if you have been reading my blog for a little while then you will already be familiar with these jeans. If you're new.. Hello, and welcome to my ridiculous obsession over Joni jeans. I often wear this blouse with my wet look leggings or black leggings/jeans but I decided to throw a little colour mix in with blue. Also my jeans are beautifully comfortable so why wouldn't I slip them on?

I then finished up with my black Chelsea boots for warm tootsies as well as a little height for a slightly longer looking leg. Another favourite of mine for any newbies.. a little chunky heel. Just for the longer leg look, which a lot of girls I know crave for. I certainly do anyway.

A very simplistic look for me today, nothing too fancy but I feel the floral vibrant pattern as it's own spark to the outfit. You could always add a little more colour via a bright lipstick in red or pink? Whatever floats your boat[:

Blouse- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop       Boots- NewLook

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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