Motel Rocks Bloggers Party

This has to be one of the most exciting posts I have ever posted on my blog. I recently was invited to attend the Motel Rocks Bloggers Party via a very very lovely friend who I'm sure you may have heard of. Rhiannon (FashionRocksMySocks) brought me along to the party as her plus one and I still am so thankful for such an awesome experience. 

I've never been to a bloggers event before so I was filled to the brim with excitement and unable to stop grinning a ridiculously cheesy grin. I'd seen and heard a lot about these kind of events and about the different companies than organize them but never did I expect to be the other side of the screen and be able to experience it first hand. My blogging updates aren't exactly consistent and I know my blogs very new and fresh compared to all of the bloggers attending so I was honored I could be a part of the party. 

. . .

A little about the collection;

In all honesty, I hadn't really ever browsed through the Motel Rocks website when I fulfill my needs and desires for purchasing new wardrobe pieces. Therefore, when attending an event dedicated to their Christmas'y pieces and new products that will be available to purchase, I felt a little nervous that I wasn't a loyal customer. 

But that soon changed once I was given the chance to scan my beady eyes through the collection.   

A lot of the new collection to hit the brand is based around the seasonal party spirit that is seeping back into our lives, providing us with glitz, glamor and simple yet spectacular pieces. Whether it's a vibrant patterned playsuit or sensational shift dress every can find the perfect party frock, which will leave you feeling elegant and sophisticated but not overdressed. The colour's are also the classic burgundies, navy's, black's and metallic's that are all associated with the Christmas season, which are complimented with sequins, sparkles and fur. These are also textures and colour's very similar to those used back in the 1920's era where parties were very important and expensive looking.

So fashion really does make a come back?


 After having a thorough look through the rails of new lines I definitely had decided my favourite and desired pieces that I can now only save for at pay day or maybe even Christmas! 

                    Molly Long Sleeve Playsuit

The first item I found was a raspberry coloured playsuit that a little annoyingly looked a completely different colour in the light at the event. After surfing it out on the website I am becoming more and more fond of the garment and that in fact its much more vivid in better lighting. I think being daring with vivid/neon colour's can be a little daunting but you really can be the bell of the ball. Especially paired with a pair of chunky black ankle boots or black court shoes to really add a slight edge to the overall look. It's also incredibly handy to have long sleeves now that we're having the chills over England and carrying a coat around on a night in the town is just too annoying. 
Can not be dealing with that..  

    Lia Skater Dress

 This was possibly my favourite piece of out of the whole collection that we saw. I love the overall appearance of this dress as well as the pattern. It's not like a lot of skater dresses I've come across as I first thought this was a shift dress because of the t-shirt style and how it appeared on the hanger. I am obviously wrong now that I've seen a model wearing the piece and that it in fact sits differently on the body. However, I think it's a piece that I've fallen even further in love with now that I've seen someone wearing it as it's much more flattering to the figure and not an oversized that ends up leaving you with a hideous box like shape. I this dress can be very versatile with the evening and the day as it would be very easy to tone down the look with a pair of black tights and black ankle or Chelsea boots and then spritz up for the evening with a pair of heels, a faux fur coat and a little red lipstick.

Sequin Bomber Jacket


Glamour and party'esk isn't just about the dresses and playsuits but also comes makes an appearance in different forms such as this bomber jacket incrusted with an array of sequins. This is perfect for the parties you're unsure of what to throw on in case you've overdone it or it's a 'smart-casual' dress code because let us face it, what is 'smart-casual'? I don't think anyone really knows. Therefore, a pair of wet look leggings, either a white top or blouse and then this beauty! Voila! You have yourself a perfect outfit for a night out as well as a jacket you can wear time and time again as it will never be yesterdays news. If you're a fan of the 90's then this is a must! It just screams out Spice Girls, discos, Furbys, Top of The Pops.. 


The party itself offered an incredibly generous amount of goodies, pampering and beverages. I ended up having my nails taken care of by a lady who has an extremely steady hand who created a beautiful abstract pattern on my ring finger. I then ended up walking around the rest of the party unable to touch anything in case I dare smudge them. 

. . .

So after an incredible experience at an event of one of the biggest fashion brands around I am an extremely happy girl. A big thank you to Motel Rocks for having me as well as all the lovely goodies I received and a of course a huge thank you to Rhiannon for taking me!

It has really made me open my eyes to other brands available online or in the high street that I may not instantly want to take a rummage in but now I should at least give a chance to take a look. It also gives me the chance to experience new styles and designs that I may not have found in my current favourite stores and also the fact I may even find one spectucular piece that everyone will be envious of?! 

Motel Rocks is also a lot more inexpensive that I first thought and is in fact pretty reasonably priced for what you're purchasing. The items are good quality from what I saw after surfing through the collection on the rails and are pieces that are unique and fresh to the brand. They are classic designs, which all have a slight twist to them to make each piece that little extra special whether that be a pleated panel or sequin detailing.

. . .

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long entry but I hope it was enjoyable and gave you an insight of the Motel Rocks Bloggers Party[:

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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