Checks And Cut Outs ;Day 88

Day two of my new blogging pose. Becoming a little pro at this whole smiling for the camera that's balanced on my TV from across the room! But only a little.

 Today's outfit consisted of checkers and cut outs just like the title says. I'm all for playing around with different patterns and this was one of my interpretations. Checkers are one of the easiest patterns to pair up with practically anything but can sometimes be daunting when it comes to matching up with different textures/patterns. I find that floral's are one of the best and easiest patterns that can go great with particular checkers. For example green checks and red can work great with with floral's as often the patterns contain very similar colour's, which will end up complimenting each other.

I chose to wear a cut out floral style top that I found worked well with a red checker shirt. Plus white goes with anything and everything! I thought the cut outs added a little extra detailing rather than a plain white t-shirt, which meant that the top and shirt could work their own magic without piling up on the statement jewellery.

As you can probably tell I've stuck with my classic black Joni's, which are beautifully high waisted and perfect to pair with my cropped top. The shirt was also great to help cover up my stomach when reaching up or over and having those slight slips where your top decides to ride up. I'm not exactly the most confident person, so just an extra layer to hide the flash of flesh of your waist is a comfort. It's also incredibly useful to keep the chills out and is a must have this winter as it works perfectly when layering up. If your a person who is lucky enough to constantly feel toasty then tying the shirt around your waist is an amazingly laid back casual look that can be pulled off by anyone! 

Very very very old school baby!!

Shirt- Primark          Top- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop         Boots- NewLook

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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