Big Necklaces ;Day 84

Big Necklaces

This post is a big dedication to all of those fabulous, big, chunky statement necklaces that really don't get the attention they deserve. Therefore, I am doing the deed of dedicating a blog title as well as a little introduction about the beauties and of course my most recent purchase for you today.

*Just a quick apology, the lighting's pretty awful in my room hence why my shirt looks an almost khaki colour on the left when in fact it's a dark green*
Today I embraced a classic look of a huge chunky necklace tucked neatly under a shirt collar. This look is a very elegant look, which I believe has been a storming hit for the past few years but gaining popularity constantly. It's such an easy and simple look to pull off and anybody can recreate this using pretty much any shirt with a collar and any necklace that is bold enough to be seen underneath. 
For me, I believe this technique can be adapted in so many different ways that each time you can create a new, bold and interesting look with different shape and patterned necklaces and of course colour's within the chosen shirt. So this can be the quick and effortless throw on outfit when the washings in the machine or the alarm clock decided not to screech in the morning! Pretty yet practical[:
. . .
I paired up my dark green shirt with my black leggings with embedded velvet pattern'y swirls within the material. These are super comfy and super adorable to pair with jumpers, shirts, t-shirts.. I guess you get the picture? Practically anything! I wore my black brogues to keep with the black theme as my centre piece was my necklace, which I didn't want to distract eye view from.
My necklace itself was purchased from the Topshop sale at half price. I thought of course I don't need another necklace in my life but I can't just walk away from such a pretty little big thing. Therefore, it ended up in my bag and my bank card hated me even more. 
Shirt- NewLook     Necklace- Topshop      Leggings- Forever 21       Shoes- NewLook
Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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