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Plaid Back ;Day 89

Clever play on words, eh? No I know, it was pretty darn awful..

Checks And Cut Outs ;Day 88

Day two of my new blogging pose. Becoming a little pro at this whole smiling for the camera that's balanced on my TV from across the room! But only a little.

New Pose ;Day 87

Look I did it!! I took the plunge and hit the timer button on my camera for the classic blogger pose. Geniusright?! Who am I kidding.

So this is my blogger pose.. revealed to all. Thoughts?! I guess it'll take some getting used to not taking my usual selfies.

Tartan Overload ;Day 86

I've known this for quite some time, but after uploading these photo's for today's post it's very clear I need to start taking 'selfies' on my camera as the quality is hideous. Bare with me, things will get better I promise you! But I'm sure you can all appreciate early mornings aren't exactly the best time to be faffing around with technology and camera's when you can barely be bothered to scrub your own teeth.
I'm still a learner at this blogger life!

Motel Rocks Bloggers Party

This has to be one of the most exciting posts I have ever posted on my blog. I recently was invited to attend the Motel Rocks Bloggers Party via a very very lovely friend who I'm sure you may have heard of. Rhiannon (FashionRocksMySocks) brought me along to the party as her plus one and I still am so thankful for such an awesome experience. 

Big Necklaces ;Day 84

Big NecklacesThis post is a big dedication to all of those fabulous, big, chunky statement necklaces that really don't get the attention they deserve. Therefore, I am doing the deed of dedicating a blog title as well as a little introduction about the beauties and of course my most recent purchase for you today.

Hello Movember ;Day 83

Hello MovemberHow did we even get to November?! I don't remember much of the year to be honest, it all seems like such a blur and now we're nearly at the end of 2013. I may just be sick at the terrifying thought.
But lets not forget November for all the important reasons dates; Firework night, Remembrance day and of course.. MOVEMBER. Yes Gents, it has reached that time where it is acceptable to go crazy with your facial hair and grow the most absurd mustache that is willingly possible.
Good luck.

The October 5; Day 82

The October 5
Once again we have reached that time where another month is over, we are inching nearer and nearer to Christmas and I have once again lagged behind with posts, hence why The October 5 is being written up in November.
. . .
So finally I can introduce to you, The October 5;