The September 5 ;Day 73

The September 5


 A day late.. But here are The September 5, which I promised to post monthly. As you can see I have been a little cheeky and added a non clothing piece that desperately needed a place on my favourites list.

1. Hazel Nut Frapp (Starbucks)

Okay, so I think I've found my personal favourite at the classic Starbucks. As the slightly obsessive social net-worker that I am, I've stumbled across a 'Starbucks secrets' Instagram account that I obviously needed to stalk and follow. They basically provide all the secret recipes that aren't available on the Starbucks menu and one of those treasures happened to be a hazel nut frapp, which is basically a vanilla frapp with 2 pumps of hazel nut syrup. Oh my.. I'm not even going to describe the taste as I may drown my keyboard in drool. (ew ew ew) Although I can say just about say it tastes like a Kinder Bueno? Probably the easiest way to describe the beauty.

2. Graphic Sweats (River Island)

Recently become obsessed with graphics and patterned tops! Especially sweaters as they're not quite the thickness of a jumper yet can keep out the chills as we approach Autumn/Winter. As one colour can become quite plain and hard to doll up it's a relief to know someone has taken the time to go crazy with patterns and colour's to create these marvelous garments. They are also ridiculously easy to dress up with a pair of jeans, wet look leggings or disco pants and the designs are endless. Whether you prefer a slogan, cartoon art or just a crazy pattern, the high street will without a doubt have something for everyone.

3. Cocoon Coats (Boohoo)  

 I'm not quite sure the official name for these style of coats as I've so far found 'cocoon', 'oversized' and 'biker' but as cocoon sounds the best I shall go with that one. Obviously the coats have flooded back into shops and what better time to buy one that now'ish when the temperature is beginning to drop and plenty of styles are available. I think this is one of the best styles on the high street as it's incredibly smart looking, whilst providing an edge with the tartan pattern and faux fur collar. 

4. Loafers (Topshop)

These are on my 'to purchase' list as I've fallen head over heels in love. How adorable would a pair of loafers look with frilly socks or rolled up jeans? I think these would be super handy to throw on with anything or when you're in too much of a rush to realise what you're slipping onto your toots. Plus, they're waterproof and will keep your feet warm to some extent, which is ideal in the miserable rainy weather that I'm sure isn't too far away.

5. Patterned Treggings (Topshop)

Patterned treggings or leggings are an extremely handy item you can own in your wardrobe that can be dressed up so easily. With a denim shirt or blouse they will ooze cuteness and will look amazing without tons of effort. They come in a mahoosive variety of designs and materials from thin printed versions to thick velvet embroided ones. The new disco pants!

Those are my September 5 that I am personally loving from the previous month. I've already began the hunt for The October 5 but it's not exactly hard as there is a LOT of goodies that are winning over my affections.

Bye Bye Back Balance!!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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