New Coat ;Day 81

New Coat

Bought a new coat. Thought I'd share.

This is a very recent purchase for my wardrobe and one that was a confirmed must-not-leave-in-the-shop bargain. Believe it or not this beautiful coat was in fact £35 from Primark, which has really surprised me as I have been searching for a coat identical to this style and design since.. forever. The one's I've uncovered have either been a small fortune, not available online from other parts of the world or just not my cup of tea. Plus if I'm spending chunk of money on a coat then I want to be in love with it so that I will wear it non stop otherwise there's no point if it'll just sit collecting cob webs and dust.

I love the whole boyfriend/oversized look, which is an aspect that I wanted to include in my new wardrobe essential. Hence why I have chosen a coat with a similar blazer appeal, which is thicker and has a glamorous (anyone else learn to spell this world thanks to a particular Fergie song?!) fur trim to the collar. Mmmm elegance.

. . .

  This then gave me the idea of making a montage of a small selection of my favourite Boyfriend style coats available on the high street. These are aimed at all budgets so there can be something for everyone[:

1. Francesca Jacket
I can imagine this coat being paired with a bowler hat, black skinny jeans and a buttoned up to the collar blouse. A very swish and effortless look yet so sharp with a slight 80's edge. The colour is also a plus for me as you cannot go wrong with a teal as it's practically a lighter shade of navy, which I believe goes with almost anything? A big bonus for a coat, which you want to be able to grab from the back of the door and throw on with any outfit without the worry of a major clash.

2. Houndstooth Tommy Hilfiger Coat
 This is certainly a blast from the past. If this doesn't scream Gentlemen club then I don't know what does? Every time I see a pattern similar to this I just think of cigars and whisky for some reason?! So now it has been transformed into a garment for the Ladies and too darn right! We can pull off bold prints too and it's good to share, right?! Bold dark colour's would look fabulous with this coat as well as a beanie for the cherry on top. This is a perfeeecccttttt coat for those chilly mad dashes along city streets.

3. Cocoon Coat
This is right up my street. First of all the colour just oozes amazing'ness (I know that's not a word but it works) and secondly the price. Ohh oh, I believe I have found a new Aladdin's cave for bargains.. Good job Matalan! It has to bed said they have began producing some top notch garments recently, well recently for me as I haven't checked their website out for sometime but I am extremely happy that I did. £40 for a warm Winter coat is ridiculously too good to turn down, but not just a warm Winter coat, a beautiful burgundy coat that screams Autumn like never before. Fire's, wolly socks, crunchy leaves, snuggly jumpers, apple pies.. BURGUNDY COATS. I just love this coat.. in case it wasn't you know.. obvious. 

4. Check Borg Collar Coat
This coat again is dipping into the pattern pool. It's also got a beautiful mix of colour's becoming a gorgeous contrast within the checkers, which is a classic British style coat in my opinion. It's stuck with a broad collar but added a twist with a little faux sheep skin trim and has bulky, patch-work style buttons to add a little childish feature. Anyone else remember the big clumsy buttons on your early day coats? It then brings back the sophistication with the cut and how it sits beautifully still keeping the tradition of an oversized blazer.. a.k.a a Boyfriend coat.

. . .

Just a few of my favourite Boyfriend style coats that are rocking the high street as we speak (type) and are still looking amazing years and years on from when they first made an appearance. I believe they'll still be around for years and years to come too as they're such a great statement piece for everyone's wardrobes and they really can be dressed and ready to go with practically anything, jeans, skirts, dresses, jumpers.. etc. Great news for an every day coat!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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