Mini Topshop Haul ;Day 78

Mini Topshop Haul


A little bit naughty.. unnecessary and in my Mother's words 'wasteful' Topshop order. BUT I COULDN'T RESIST. I can't ever just browse, it's just way too easy to click a couple of buttons and wham.. it's arrived in a pretty package. But I do not regret my purchases. Nope not one. Ooooppps.. 

These? They were £12 in the sale. Now how could I say no to a pair of £12 tapered trousers?! The fabric of these lovely's is pretty much the same comfort as a pair of snuggerly pj's bottoms. No word of a lie!! I wore these to work and the whole shift I felt as though I was wondering around in the comfort of my lounge gear. The only thing missing was a bowl of calorie overdosed food and a classic DVD.  

I also find these are really simple and effortless to create a quick/ready to walk out the door outfit. You could dress them with a denim shirt, a white/cream jumper, t-shirt or even blouse?  

I've had my beady eye on one of these jumpers for a ridiculously long time now. They look so adorable on everyone I've seen modelling them and how can you resist another knit/jumper to add to your Autumn/Winter collection? Exactly

These come in several colour's but I preferred a baby blue for myself. They sit just above your hips so not cropped but not the usual jumper length (if there even is one?). The material is pretty darn soft but if you're not too keen on a high neckline then this may not be the best garment for you as sometimes the fabric can be a little itchy around the neck. 

. . . 

Perfect with a pair of wet look leggings, high waisted jeans, anything acid wash or even a pencil skirt? I think it's so versatile you could wear it with almost anything. It's also adorable to layer up with a shirt underneath, maybe something checkered or a blouse for a slightly smarter appeal?

 Finally, a new lippy was on the cards. I recently borrowed my friend's purple lipstick from Topshop, which was called 'ruthless' and I loved the warm tone it added to my make up. It's such a dramatic and daring colour that I really strongly believe it completes an outfit. It could even be the new red? When ordering my purchases online I decided that I wouldn't go full purple but maybe edge towards a reddy/purple so that I'm easing myself in rather than a full run and leap. 

 This colour's called 'called up' and it look's a lot darker on the website than it did on my skin. I think I'm pretty relieved it's slightly lighter as I think I'll be much more addiment to wear it on a daily basis as it's nearer a comforting red. But I shall be a lot more daring when it come's to lip stick colour's. I always play safe and I'm done. No more safe zone!!


. . .


So, that concludes my mini (microscopic) haul from Topshop. Just a few items that I found would compliment my wardrobe and be extremely handy for the upcoming chilliness. 


Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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