Internet Crisis ;Day 76

Internet Crisis

So, I'm pretty convinced that technology hates me. I've lost a couple of days blogging because of poor connections and phones/computers not being able to talk to each other. Hence my absence. Blah

Therefore, be prepared for a WHOLEEEEE overload of posts and updates. You have been warned...

Okay, so there's not a ridiculous amount of updating to do in all fairness, buhhh hopefully you'll enjoy my most recent outfit of the days'. To start, I would like to introduce you to my new pair of leggings, which are of course from Topshop. I had thought about investing in a couple of different pattern trousers/leggings but I didn't want to go too crazy with whacky ones. Plus, I like to be able to be as versatile as I can be with my clothes just so I can mix and match a lot!!

Therefore, grey was a big 'must' with finding a new pair seeing as grey is the Queen-bee of all colour's.. (the one that goes with practically anything). I'm also loving the square detailing that almost passes for a checkered effect?! It adds a little extra something so that bold colour's compliment but not too crazy to clash with other patterns.

    Once again, I also hit the old school frilly socks to peep over my ankle boots. Really all for this simple accessorizing trick!! It just adds such a cute'sie twist on what can be quite a dark outfit and I'm all for some itsy-bitsy-cutie-ness.. (ew that I just wrote that.)

Jumper- Forever 21     Leggings- Topshop     Boots- Boohoo
Necklace- Topshop       Socks- Topshop

And next.. 

Roll on the scarfs...

My first for the season now that I officially feel acceptable to layer up with the scarfs and knits. Although my scarf is a very light and summery styled one I still feel this passes for Autumn?! I'll slowly inch myself into the realms of the thick knits no doubt. 

So I haven't worn my leather panel leggings for, well forever? And as I was sorting through my wardrobe the other night I came across my once favourite/inseparable item of clothing. So I've brought them back!! I've also started wearing long necklaces again, as I usually stick to short collar style one's.

With this outfit it's very basic black and white until I added my scarf for that BAMMM of colour and pattern, something I feel an outfit like this needs. I've also gone for a bold red lippy to bring out the reds and pinks in my scarf but again to add that extra all important pop of colour. 

Top- Topshop        Leggings- River Island       Necklace- Forever 21   
Shoes- Boohoo       Scarf- Dorothy Perkins    

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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