Halloween Inspired ;Day 80

Halloween Inspired

Although this post may be a little confusing, I'm basically attempting to create a couple of Halloween inspired outfits, but not fancy dress style. I'm going to embrace the colour's, patterns and inspiration from the spooky season, which can be interpreted into every day looks.

Trick or Topshop;

Worst pun title ever.

Apologies, but I felt the need to spice this post up a little with the Halloween flair. My first outfit idea has been inspired by this adorable two piece that has embroidery detailing that remains me of spiders webs? Apparently it represents arrows according to the website but I feel as it's October they can be spiders webs. So I based my outfit around the shorts and jacket and kept everything simple and dark.

. . .

 The beanie was chosen as I felt it toned down the whole look back to a casual outfit that can be worn by day and then perhaps evening without the beanie? A big must for me was adding a gorgeous red lipstick to really add a glam streak as well as a little colour, but nothing bright and happy as we're supposed to be celebrating ghosts, tomb stones and pumpkins?!

Jacket          Shorts       Boots         Beanie         Tee        Lipstick (Just a Bite) MAC


  I don't usually shop at Warehouse, if at all, but after having a little surfing session I've discovered some little gems that are right up the Halloween alley. 

A beautiful dark purple knit jumper is the perfect piece in this chilly Autumn weather and so appropriate for the creepy season. Of course jumpers goes with pretty much everything hence why they are a favourite in every wardrobe, but I thought I would pair this one up with a leather look pencil skirt, which are two things I don't usually rock together? But I really loved the finished look that is perfect for a comfy yet chaotic day. It's a very mature yet urban chic, which is why I think it works pretty well together. 

Sadly, Warehouse don't sell shoes online if at all, which is news to me? Therefore I had to expand my search.

The cherry on top would of course be a take out hot chocolate!

Jumper       Skirt          Necklace          Bag           Boots 


Finally, my NewLook Halloween addition outfit. I've stuck with a lot of silver with this look as it really added a Gothic appeal to the overall outfit as well as complimenting the black used throughout. I've also chosen the accessories basically for the edgy and awkward shaping they have within the detailing, which is a pretty freaky factor for Halloween if you think about all the weird twisting and misshaped objects associated with the holiday?

This overall outfit really reminds me of a big Gothic style mansion that has a big past and a lot of freaky happenings that occur extremely often. The leggings for example are a perfect wall paper print for one of those dated, cob webbed filled rooms with a hidden study behind a mahoosive book case. You know the kind!

And the necklace could definitely pass as a chandelier?!

Leggings       Shirt       Boots       Necklace       Rings

. . .

They are my three selected Halloween style outfits for October. Of course they are just a quick idea if any of you are feeling in the Halloween spirit but feel wearing an old sheet with a couple of circle cut outs for eyes is a little daring just yet then here's an alternative[: 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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