Fluffy Blue Jumper ;Day 79

Fluffy Blue Jumper

Look what I've got my little mitts on! Although I've shown it in my previous post I just feel it needs a special post dedicated to it's fluffy/blue-ness. 

This jumper has actually become my life, as sad and dramatic as that sounds. But it genuinely is one of my all time favourites buys!!

The colour and the texture are two of the most important elements of this piece but they also make it stand out from the rest. Around this time of year is the ideal time to stock up on new essential knit wear, which often consist of oversized woolen garments.. but not this one! This is an acrylic (this is starting to sound like an M&S advert?..) fabric jumper so it basically means your body wont overheat like the usual stuffy jumpers but allows you to stay cool whilst keeping you cosy and looking adorable. It's certainly a 90's blast from the past!

The length is also perfect to pair up with my high waisted black Joni jeans from Topshop and black loafers. I kept the jumper as my statement colour and then felt the black jeans and shoes complimented and made the blue bolder. 

Finally, I tried and tested my new lipstick also from Topshop, which is a definitely darker than my usual colour's. I thought if I wasn't 90's themed enough then this must be the cherry on top, right?! 

I could easily pass as a member of Steps.

And as you probably have already guessed.. my outfit consists of complete Topshop. I would apologize but I can't help it if I'm in love with their clothes?.. Ohh ergh. My bank balances feels the pain.
Jumper- Topshop          Jeans- Topshop      Shoes- Topshop       Lipstick- Topshop (Called Up)

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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