80's Chic ;Day 74

80's Chic


So urgh.. first things first! You may have noticed I've changed my blog name to 'Louulia' as to be honest I wasn't too keen on my original name and I had decided to start blogging before I'd even created a play-on-wordy/awesome/totally-mind-blowing name. Therefore, I saw the name Loulia on a reality TV show (inspiration right there!!) and was creative and artistic enough to add an extra 'u'. Well, merely because Loulia had already been taken.. So now you know. In case of the unlikely event of you being unable to sleep at night?

But on wards with my outfit of choice!! I bared FLESH. I can't quite believe it myself as I'm not exactly the most confident to show a little skin but I thought as you can't see my belly button it shall be acceptable. Not quite sure how my belly button became the rule but it's not exactly prettiest thing to be on display? 

I thought as I was wearing such high waisted jeans it shouldn't be too exposing anyhow. So I wore my Joni's (of course, of course) and paired them with a Jersey style cropped tee, which I have mentioned before sometime ago. I hadn't worn much cropped stuff recently so I thought I'd take the plunge once again. The gap between my tee and jeans was quite suitable for work and weather but as it was a little nippy out, I threw over my khaki jacket with the leather sleeves. 

I've recently become quite obsessed with flaunting frilly socks with ankle boots around the town. I can't quite understand how something that reminds me of Primary school days (checkered frilly socks and matching scrunchies ring any bells.. Mother?) can be so adorable and acceptable now? Plus warm toots are a bonus.. mmm.

I felt very 80's inspired once looking in the mirror, especially with the socks on display over my boots and the slightly oversized jacket. 

Tee- Topshop           Jeans- Topshop           Boots- Boohoo        Socks- Topshop         
Jacket- NewLook (similar one available at Karma Clothing)

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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