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New Coat ;Day 81

New CoatBought a new coat. Thought I'd share.

Halloween Inspired ;Day 80

Halloween InspiredAlthough this post may be a little confusing, I'm basically attempting to create a couple of Halloween inspired outfits, but not fancy dress style. I'm going to embrace the colour's, patterns and inspiration from the spooky season, which can be interpreted into every day looks.

Trick or Topshop;

Worst pun title ever.

Fluffy Blue Jumper ;Day 79

Fluffy Blue JumperLook what I've got my little mitts on! Although I've shown it in my previous post I just feel it needs a special post dedicated to it's fluffy/blue-ness. 

Mini Topshop Haul ;Day 78

Mini Topshop HaulA little bit naughty.. unnecessary and in my Mother's words 'wasteful' Topshop order. BUT I COULDN'T RESIST. I can't ever just browse, it's just way too easy to click a couple of buttons and wham.. it's arrived in a pretty package. But I do not regret my purchases. Nope not one. Ooooppps..

Autumn Outfits ;Day 77

Autumn OutfitsIt has reached that time again where I have had a rather lazy day off and decided that I shall get all crafty with inspirational collages for outfit ideas. I always try and mix up my selection of well known brands so that each time I can get a nice mish-mash of clothes and ideas rather than sticking with the same ones each time.
Miss Selfridge;
 Okaaaay, so my first outfit design is based around these rather ridiculously lovely shorts. I think the pattern is very vintage and statement screaming, which is a great foundation piece for this outfit. I decided to work around these and add a simple creamy/white shirt to really add the city chic streak to the whole look. With the shirt tucked into the shorts and the buttons fully buttoned up to the collar it can create a really smart finish, perfect for a city date or an important day.

Internet Crisis ;Day 76

Internet CrisisSo, I'm pretty convinced that technology hates me. I've lost a couple of days blogging because of poor connections and phones/computers not being able to talk to each other. Hence my absence.Blah
Therefore, be prepared for a WHOLEEEEE overload of posts and updates. You have been warned...

Bomber Jacket ;Day 75

Bomber Jacket
I got's myself a packet of sugary peach flavoured sweets and I am READY to write you an outfit of the day blog post. In case you wanted an update of my current situation .. So here is a rather hyped post along with a dentist bill no doubt.. enjoy!

80's Chic ;Day 74

80's Chic
So urgh.. first things first! You may have noticed I've changed my blog name to 'Louulia' as to be honest I wasn't too keen on my original name and I had decided to start blogging before I'd even created a play-on-wordy/awesome/totally-mind-blowing name. Therefore, I saw the name Loulia on a reality TV show (inspiration right there!!) and was creative and artistic enough to add an extra 'u'. Well, merely because Loulia had already been taken.. So now you know. In case of the unlikely event of you being unable to sleep at night?

The September 5 ;Day 73

The September 5
A day late.. But here are The September 5, which I promised to post monthly. Asyou can see I have been a little cheeky and added a non clothing piece that desperately needed a place on my favourites list.