Tartan Jacket ;Day 68

Tartan Jacket


 It's one of those days where I've finally been able to make the most of my slightly thicker shirts/jackets. I've had my tartan one in my wardrobe since last November but never too sure if it's slightly too chilly to wear it during winter. Today with a little bit of sun shine I was able to finally brush the dust off and give it a whirl!

I've also been wearing a lot of leggings recently seeing as you can never put aside comfort. Although I am still strongly against wearing crop tops and leggings! As long as my top covers my butt I am happy. I wore just a casual Jersey t-shirt from Topshop, which you can wear all year round. I wanted to wear quite a bland top as I felt my jacket did all the detailing work with studs and tartan. I finally wore my Chelsea style boots for a little sophistication[:

I think if you have a statement jacket then wearing plain colour's is always a compliment for the piece. It really provides the basic backdrop to show off the garment. It's also a really easy and quick way to spice up an outfit if you're in a rush or undecided on what to wear and can fit most weather types or seasons. 

Thank God for patterns!!

Jacket- Miss Guided        Boots- Boohoo      T-Shirt- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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