Grey Cosy Jumper ;Day 69

Grey Cosy Jumper


Today's outfit consisted of a very warm and cosy grey jumper (hence the title!) which was extremely practical for those cold blooded people such as myself. You know, the one's who are always cold and crave a heat source constantly. You know who you are!!

I bought my grey jumper from Forever 21, quite a while back but I know that very similar designs are back on the high street as monochrome paneling is pretty big this season. To jazz up my pretty plain jumper I added a chunky gold necklace and a block red lippy. I also wore my vintage Joni's and black studded loafers to add a laid back edge to my outfit and also for a little comfort as we all love being snug. 

This made a perfect outfit for a long day out and about shopping for more items that I definitely didn't need to buy that ended up bruising my bank balance.

Jumper- Forever 21  (similar one available at NewLook)         
Jeans- Topshop         Shoes- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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