Blazer Baby ;Day 70

Blazer Baby

I'm not usually a blazer kind of gal' but when you find the 'one' it's a little hard not to wear such a creation. I've always prefered the oversized boyfriend style rather than a classic suit one, which is why I chose to purchase this one from NewLook. It's made from quite thin material to make it wearable for Summer evenings or easy to layer up for chilly days. 

 I also think that grey is such a practical colour to pair anything with or wear pretty much throughout the year. Another bonus! I had a little bit of a black day and chose to go pretty plain and simple. 

I had a trip to London for an interview so I needed the smart yet laid back look. Sticking with my good pals, the wet look leggings, just so that I didn't look like I was doing a GCSE dance piece in an all black attire. I then of course added my boyfriend style blazer for warmth and to take centre stage as my statement piece. Finally I added a rather large gold necklace for a little spice and I then slipped on my faux converse. Although converse aren't exactly classed as 'smart' shoe's I still think you can be cheeky and get away with them if you pair them with a blazer or a slightly posh frock? A classic old Lily Allen look, good job girl!!

Blazer- NewLook (similar one avaliable at NewLook)       
 Wet Look Leggings- NewLook       Top- NewLook

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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