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Floral Burnout ;Day 72

Floral BurnoutBurnout tee's are one of my favourite style of t-shirt that you can buy all year round. They go with pretty much anything and are so easy to layer up for the colder weather and then be simplistic with when the sun makes an appearance. They also provide an effortless and casual look, which is perfect for a laid back or low key day.

Tartan Tee ;Day 71

Tartan Tee
Loving the tartan streak that's hitting the high street at the moment! Thankyou Scotland for this marvelous pattern. I recently bought my tee from ASOS as I had been searching for a slightly oversized and light weight version for quite a while but also one that's not going to blow a huge hole in my bank account. I'm quite fussy when it comes to finding t-shirts that fit nicely and not too boxy or something that fits like lyrca.

Blazer Baby ;Day 70

Blazer BabyI'm not usually a blazer kind of gal' but when you find the 'one' it's a little hard not to wear such a creation. I've always prefered the oversized boyfriend style rather than a classic suit one, which is why I chose to purchase this one from NewLook. It's made from quite thin material to make it wearable for Summer evenings or easy to layer up for chilly days. 

 I also think that grey is such a practical colour to pair anything with or wear pretty much throughout the year. Another bonus! I had a little bit of a black day and chose to go pretty plain and simple. 
I had a trip to London for an interview so I needed the smart yet laid back look. Sticking with my good pals, the wet look leggings, just so that I didn't look like I was doing a GCSE dance piece in an all black attire. I then of course added my boyfriend style blazer for warmth and to take centre stage as my statement piece. Finally I added a rather large gold necklace for a little s…

Grey Cosy Jumper ;Day 69

Grey Cosy Jumper
Today's outfit consisted of a very warm and cosy grey jumper (hence the title!) which was extremely practical for those cold blooded people such as myself. You know, the one's who are always cold and crave a heat source constantly. You know who you are!!
I bought my grey jumper from Forever 21, quite a while back but I know that very similar designs are back on the high street as monochrome paneling is pretty big this season. To jazz up my pretty plain jumper I added a chunky gold necklace and a block red lippy. I also wore my vintage Joni's and black studded loafers to add a laid back edge to my outfit and also for a little comfort as we all love being snug. 
This made a perfect outfit for a long day out and about shopping for more items that I definitely didn't need to buy that ended up bruising my bank balance.

Jumper- Forever 21  (similar one available at NewLook)         Jeans-Topshop Shoes- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox

Tartan Jacket ;Day 68

Tartan Jacket It's one of those days where I've finally been able to make the most of my slightly thicker shirts/jackets. I've had my tartan one in my wardrobe since last November but never too sure if it's slightly too chilly to wear it during winter. Today with a little bit of sun shine I was able to finally brush the dust off and give it a whirl!
I've also been wearing a lot of leggings recently seeing as you can never put aside comfort. Although I am still strongly against wearing crop tops and leggings! As long as my top covers my butt I am happy. I wore just a casual Jersey t-shirt from Topshop, which you can wear all year round. I wanted to wear quite a bland top as I felt my jacket did all the detailing work with studs and tartan. I finally wore my Chelsea style boots for a little sophistication[:
I think if you have a statement jacket then wearing plain colour's is always a compliment for the piece. It really provides the basic backdrop to show off the g…

Marble Jumper ;Day 67

Marble JumperMy most recent purchase from Topshop! I've been wanting one of these bad boys for some time now as I love a good graphic effect. But in my opinion the weather is still not acceptable to be wearing wooly or knitted jumpers.

 Therefore, Topshop designed this genius garment of having a cross between a jumper and a blouse. Beautiful. To be fair, I'm sure there are many versions of the blumper (see what I did there? Eh?) on the highstreet but this was the one that I happened to run into. 
I'm sure my jeans need no introduction as they are again another regular on my blog. I then wore my chunky cut out boots, another favourite of mine. I finally added a couple of gold rings to stack on my fingers, assorted from a variety of packs around the highstreet!!

Blumper- TopshopJeans- TopshopBoots- Topshop (similar ones available at Topshop)

 Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox

Patterned Scarf ;Day 66

Patterned Scarf Today was a clash of the patterns kind of day. Stripes and paisley patterns were on the cards and my wet look leggings also made their usual appearance. No surprise there!!
Basically as we're slowly entering into Autumn I'm deciding to experiment with different patterns and prints to add a little something special to my outfits. A lot of the time I use statement pieces of jewellery or bright coloured lipstick but recently I've been a bit daring with pairing prints that wont necessarily be my first choice to put together. 
I find that printed scarfs are one great way to add a lot of detail to a simple outfit. They can hold a lot of colour and patterns, which are perfect for keeping the chill out whilst looking pretty and interesting. They also seem the easier option to put with stripes and checkered prints if you're a bit unsure if you're patterns are a little too clashing. It seems at the moment there's a fine line between what you can get away wit…

Collars ;Day 65

CollarsToday I embraced the collar. 
It has began. The season where jumpers and shirts are must haves and become a vital part of our daily lives in staying toasty. I wore a simple cream shirt, which is a colour that can go with pretty much anything? I paired up a lightweight oversized jumper from Topshop, which was warm enough to wear but not too smothering as we're not quite in full Autumn/Winter mode quite yet. 
For added comfort I stuck with my black leggings and then finished off with black Chelsea boots recently purchased from Boohoo at a ridiculously bargain price of £12!?! They seem to have been stuck to my feet over the past couple of days too.

I also tied my hair into a loose side braid as I couldn't be dealing with the curly mess all in my face. I also love trying new do's out at the moment as certain styles change your face shape and can suit better than others. It's good to know what hair do's are quick and easy when time is not on your side too. Plus it&#…

One Shirt, Three Ways ;Day 64

One Shirt, Three WaysExactly what it says on the tin, or in our case, in the title. I have chosen a rather beautiful blouse from Monki that I believe in a statement piece to pair with practically any outfit. Therefore, I worked my Photoshop magic and created a couple of little inspirational collages for you to perhaps grab some idea'sfrom and hopefully brush off the dust from that one blouse you adored but for some reason has been abandoned in your closet!

Look One; City Chic

I love the simplicity of this outfit. I think this is a perfect look for a casual do such as lunch with a friend, drinks or a date night. Or if you're hardcore and can stand heels for longer than a couple of hours then this could work wonderfully for a days shopping or running some errands (obviously you wont be running anywhere in those heels.. Broken ankles anyone?) Perhaps the cherry on top could be a dash of red lippy?
Blouse- MonkiWet Look Leggings- BoohooBoots- Miss GuidedBag- Dress For Less

Look Two; 8…

Dip Dye ;Day 63

Dip Dye Such a simple look for today's outfit. It possibly couldn't be anymore simplistic? 
Very into an oversized t-shirt over a short black skirt look as it creates such a laid back effect. Effortless!! And that is exactly what you want to go with in warm weather as the the thought of wearing jeans or anything that covers flesh is too horrendous.
I chose to stick with quite dark colour's today hence all the greys and blacks. I then added a pop of colour with my new treat; the Barry M Gel Nail polish in lime (Take a Look). Such a pretty pretty colour and perfect for most outfit choices as it goes with a lot. There's nothing more irritating than planning a beaut of an outfit and having a complete clash with your nails.
I then wore my black cut out heels, which again are another of my wardrobe must haves as I seem to be wearing them rather a lot than my feet would like. A couple of gold rings were just the cherry on top!! I also decided to french braid my hair in a loaf of …

Black Boots ;Day 62

Black BootsOnce again, I apologize for the lack of posts. As it's a fresh new month I shall be back to my daily postings very soon hopefully! Just a little hectic at the moment. 
My outfit of the day consisted of another floral cami. Like I said in my previous post I'm making the most of these summer treats as when Autumn fast approaches we'll be bringing out the layers like there's no tomorrow. Plus I've already seen crispy leaves on the floor.. Boo.
First of all, I would just like to apologize for not only my miserable serious face in the below photo but also for my amateur blogging skills of forgetting to take a photo of my trousers. Just for the record I wore my pair of tapered style trousers in black. I have mentioned them in a previous post (here) in case anyone is interested[:
I also decided to dare my heeled black boots as I was begging to crave a change from my flats and loafers. I also knew I was working a short shift and that I could bare the pain for a rea…