Skin Deep ;Day 57

Skin Deep


I decided to base my post on skin care today, mainly focusing on the moisturizers available to us on the market. We all know it's extremely important to help our skin get the moisture it needs to be healthy and able to regenerate. I am personally a serial moisturizer as I feel my skin dries out very quickly and can become tight and irritating, hence why I use lashings of the stuff every other day.

 I'm an extremely un-loyal person when it comes to sticking with one brand of moisturizer.. I'm a bit of a product abuser. Bottle's become abandoned and alone stacked on the shelves and hidden from view.

I rarely find products that match or compliment my skin rather than irritate it. I also have eczema and dermatitis to just throw in complications to the search!! However, I have stumbled across a few products, which have been my true Superman's, Spiderman's, Ironman's.. basically heroes.

I thought I'd share these little rascals with you sugar pies.


This is a little pricey but my gosh it does wonders! I was on steroid cream forever for the eczema on my legs as they were constantly irritated and dry. Every time I used a moisturizer it seemed to upset my skin even further. It was almost like a miserable toddler suffering with the terrible two's syndrome, nothing I did would sooth my pins back to health. Then I discovered this tube lurking in Morrisons skin care isle and decided the fancy clinical packaging might just do the trick. I haven't looked back. After using this creamy substance I haven't needed to use my steroid cream once and I finally have fresh and healthy skinned legs that I am popping out as much as possible for the summer!

 2.Body Butter  

Bodyshop Body Butter is such a luxury for your skin. It's a ridiculously rich/creamy product that smells too good for words. I tend to use a body butter for small periods of time as I feel my skin isn't best of friends with the product as it can feel quite thick. But a body butter is the perfect concoction for dry skin or post shower skin to lock in a sweet smelling linger on your skin. The feeling of freshly shaven legs finished with a smothered layer of Body Butter is ridiculously lovely. You can't stop stroking them.. in a non weird way (if that's possible?)

 3. Vaseline Moisturizer

Finally, Vaseline Moisturizer. I haven't used this in a while to be completely truthful but I do remember becoming slightly addicted to this product as you can use it all over rather than having different creams for different body parts. I also used the one containing aloe, which meant it was pretty refreshing and cool to the skin, especially handy when on holiday or summer time when the lobster skin syndrome hits. The bottle is also a pretty bargain size as it lasts a ridiculously long time so it's worth buying if you're on a budget and not wanting to purchase a new skin product every few weeks. Vaseline is also a trusted product for lip care, which is why I instantly gave this product a go. I mean, who doesn't have a micro tin or tube of Vaseline chap-stick deserted in a draw somewhere?!

These were just a few products I have personally tried and shared my opinions of. I know there are tons of products on the market for different skin types that I have yet to try. Everyone has their favourite and these are just a few of my personal ones. These products are also available online or in many leading super markets and retailers, each to suit different budgets. Soo..

Slap It ON!!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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