Poppy Overload ;Day 61

Poppy Overload


Basically I have done a classic baggy t-shirt look. Rather than pair up with a simple pair of jeans I've decided to add an edge to my outfit and wear a black skirt and vest top, which disguised itself as a mini black dress underneath. It therefore created a great underneath base for a sheer fabric layer on top.

I completed this very simplistic look with my faux converses and a black satchel as I feel the poppies added all the colour my outfit needed. It also meant that they would be the main detail and eye attraction rather than converting the focus to a piece of jewellery or lippy colour.

I finally did something new to my hair (no friggin' way?!) 

I decided to spice up my locks and rather than shove it in a bun or have it hanging down, I would experiment with something different. So the messy side plait is being a bit popular at the moment and is ridiculously easy to achieve. Therefore.. binggggoooo!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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