Childhood Hair ;Day 56

Childhood Hair


I'm pretty dull when it comes to experimenting with my hair but I decided to whack up the creative dial for a day.. or two. I've recently found several pictures via Instagram on different celebrity hair styles that I've really been inspired by. This one for example was a bit of a Sienna Miller twist from a recent pap shot. 

It reminded me of when my Mama used to tie my hair on the top of my head? Or even in the 80's/90's where teenagers would rock up with similar hair styles and bomber jackets.

Very 90's hipster?!

As I was doing a LOT of traveling via car I decided to up the comfort and bring out the slob'ish side. I opted for a baggy tee that I found hidden in a one Primark's many rails and paired it up with a simple pair of wet look leggings to add a little edge. Of course I had to roll up in my studded loafers.. Why would I not pair wet look leggings and studded loafers? So rock chick.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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