Cami Love ;Day 60

Cami Love


Okay.. So today was a cami day. Loving cami's for the summer as I'm sure you'll know if you have read my previous posts, if not go check them out (you know you want to).

As we are approaching the end of our British summer (boooo!!) I am squeezing the most out of my summer closet and embracing as much bare flesh as legally possible. Arms, legs, ankles.. the shabam! The cold is fast approaching!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my black Joni's before? If not.. welcome! They're pretty much just like my vintage style one's, which I seem practically live in. The only difference is they're made with a slightly thicker material meaning that I am having to suck that stomach in when ever I drive or sit down. Owwww! But apart from that, they shape you beautifully.

I wore my studded loafer's, which are appearing in a ridiculous amount of posts. I also decided to up my jewellery level again seeing as it's been sinking miserably recently. Not quite sure why? Probably because of pure laziness to hunt through the jewellery box in the mornings. And of course I wore red lippy! I thought this would add an extra 'bam' to my outfit rather than sticking with a pinky colour?

(Once again my whole outfit appears to be from Topshop.. Oh)
Top- Topshop          Jeans- Topshop       Shoes- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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