Amateur ;Day 54


I'm not even going to attempt to justify my absence. All I can do is apologize for the long distance from my last post but now.. I'm back in business. Lot's of exciting things in the pipeline that I can explain in more detail all in due course!! Eeeeeekkkk[:

But for now I owe you a massive catch-up of OOTD's. Sadly I haven't been able to keep a diary of picture's on my phone as I'm limited to memory space but I saved a special one for y'all anyhow!

This was one of my many attires that I wore through out my absent days! Really loving a bit of lace at the moment.  

Very girly chic.

I bought this lace top from Select quite a while back as I know lace has it's tendencies of becoming very popular and then going back into hiding? Anyhow, I found this one a while back and although it's over-lay top I find it goes with pretty much.. anything?!

I'm sure y'all recognize the jeans by now. Pretty much my favourites! Can't step out the house without these bad boys to be honest. I think everyone has a ridiculous amount of jeans but there's always that one special pair that you can never be parted from.. no matter how worn the knee's are or how faded the fabric is. Almost like they're your babies?!.. Sound's pretty sad when you put it like that.. but I think we're all guilty! Mwahaha!

 Then I wore my classic black loafer style shoes with.. yep, the studs! I also rediscovered my Pandora with the leather strap?! I forgot I even owned this one!! And of course it has a Buddha charm.

It's always worth raiding those jewellery boxes.. you never know what re-surfaces! 


As I'm blabbing on about jeans and jewellery I just thought I'd let those fellow Disney fans out there be aware of the best YouTube video on the planet. Over 4 hours of Disney songs on one single video!! I can't even breathe.

 Is this some kind of beautiful magic?!

I've also recently found a rather bargain based website for little trinkets and delicate charm bracelets. I bought my friend a charm bracelet for her leaving do at work and now I'm kind'a obsessed with the website. Nahhhht good! 

But if you do love those delicate finds it's worth having a little stalker sesh' on the website as you may find the love of your life?! I'm sure everybody's already heard of it before and then there's me being the last to know but I thought I'd share it anyhow[:

Top- Select         Jeans- Topshop         Bracelet- Pandora

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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