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Poppy Overload ;Day 61

Poppy Overload Basically I have done a classic baggy t-shirt look. Rather than pair up with a simple pair of jeans I've decided to add an edge to my outfit and wear a black skirt and vest top, which disguised itself as a mini black dress underneath. It therefore created a great underneath base for a sheer fabric layer on top.
I completed this very simplistic look with my faux converses and a black satchel as I feel the poppies added all the colour my outfit needed. It also meant that they would be the main detail and eye attraction rather than converting the focus to a piece of jewellery or lippy colour.
I finally did something new to my hair (no friggin' way?!) 
I decided to spice up my locks and rather than shove it in a bun or have it hanging down, I would experiment with something different. So the messy side plait is being a bit popular at the moment and is ridiculously easy to achieve. Therefore.. binggggoooo!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox

Cami Love ;Day 60

Cami Love

Okay.. So today was a cami day. Loving cami's for the summer as I'm sure you'll know if you have read my previous posts, if not go check them out (you know you want to).
As we are approaching the end of our British summer (boooo!!) I am squeezing the most out of my summer closet and embracing as much bare flesh as legally possible. Arms, legs, ankles.. the shabam! The cold is fast approaching!!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned my black Joni's before? If not.. welcome! They're pretty much just like my vintage style one's, whichI seem practically live in. The only difference is they're made with a slightly thicker material meaning that I am having to suck that stomach in when ever I drive or sit down. Owwww! But apart from that, they shape you beautifully.
I wore my studded loafer's, which are appearing in a ridiculous amount of posts. I also decided to up my jewellery level again seeing as it's been sinking miserably recently. Not quite s…

Black Lace ;Day 59

Black Lace

I know the title of this post sounds a bit naughty.. but I can assure you it is very clean cut!!

I dug out my black lace top, which I've mentioned in a previous post on my blog. I have already expressed my deepest love for this t-shirt style top as I still can't get over how flattering it sits on your body. Because it cuts off slightly lower than your average tee it creates a really feminine appearance across the arms and neckline. The lace covering just completes the whole design!!

Paired with my high waisted vintage style Joni jean's from Topshop, my faux converse style shoes from the mother of all bargains, Primark and finally a gold chain necklace, which I bought from Topshop forever ago. I felt the golden touch was necessary just to bring back the eye catching element to my top. It also sat just under my neckline, which is something I love about chunky necklaces! I feel this way, rather than detract the focus from your top it in fact brings it all back.


The August 5 ;Day 58

The August 5'Say what?'
Fear not fellow bloggers, all shall be revealed. Basically I have concocted this crazy (well not so crazy..) idea to make a little display of 5 items I feel are real treasures for your wardrobe each month.

1. Floral High Waisted Shorts (River Island)

As we've not quite hit Autumn it's time to make the most of those floral prints and bare legs. Although these are designed to be quite lengthy shorts, I still find them pretty adorable. Perfect with a plain tee or even a cream blouse? 

2. Floral Box Tee (River Island)

I'm obsessed with box tee's at the moment. They suit pretty much everybody shape and are so so flattering with a pair of high waisted jeans or shorts. They're also ideal for those days where its too warm to wear a jacket yet still too breezy to brave naked arms. Mmm.. lott'a love for these babies.

3. Black Slip On Shoes (NewLook)

I found these shoes whilst scrolling through NewLook's website and at first I was a little un…

Skin Deep ;Day 57

Skin Deep
I decided to base my post on skin care today, mainly focusing on the moisturizers available to us on the market. We all know it's extremely important to help our skin get the moisture it needs to be healthy and able to regenerate. I am personally a serial moisturizer as I feel my skin dries out very quickly and can become tight and irritating, hence why I use lashings of the stuff every other day.

 I'm an extremely un-loyal person when it comes to sticking with one brand of moisturizer.. I'm a bit of a product abuser. Bottle's become abandoned and alone stacked on the shelves and hidden from view.

I rarely find products that match or compliment my skin rather than irritate it. I also have eczema and dermatitis to just throw in complications to the search!! However, I have stumbled across a few products, which have been my true Superman's, Spiderman's, Ironman's.. basically heroes.

I thought I'd share these little rascals with you sugar pies.


Childhood Hair ;Day 56

Childhood Hair
I'm pretty dull when it comes to experimenting with my hair but I decided to whack up the creative dial for a day.. or two. I've recently found several pictures via Instagram on different celebrity hair styles that I've really been inspired by. This one for example was a bit of a Sienna Miller twist from a recent pap shot. 

It reminded me of when my Mama used to tie my hair on the top of my head? Or even in the 80's/90's where teenagers would rock up with similar hair styles and bomber jackets.

Very 90's hipster?!

As I was doing a LOT of traveling via car I decided to up the comfort and bring out the slob'ish side. I opted for a baggy tee that I found hidden in a one Primark's many rails and paired it up with a simple pair of wet look leggings to add a little edge. Of course I had to roll up in my studded loafers.. Why would I not pair wet look leggings and studded loafers? So rock chick.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox

Peter Pan Collar ;Day 55

Peter Pan Collar And they're back. Those of you who have read my previous posts may spot these Scottish inspired leggings from Topshop, which have sneakily made a come back into the new Autumn trends slowly merging into our high street's. It makes me so sad knowing how much we have hoped and waited eagerly like children on Christmas, day for rays of sunshine.. and now we're back to awaiting the big drop of temperature. Sigh. *Cue violins*

Anyhow.. Today's outfit consisted of my favourite cartoon, Peter Pan. Well obviously not literally as I sadly don't own a green pair of tights or a rather fetching hat. 
 I wore my lace Peter Pan collared top, which is a little treasure from Topshop. I then paired up my tartan leggings to match a little 80's grunge with a cutesy girly vibe. Finally my brogues and a light pinky tint for my lips.

*I do apologize for the rather see through picture of my top.. I didn't quite realize the lighting made my bra so obvious*

Top- Topshop…

Amateur ;Day 54

Amateur  I'm not even going to attempt to justify my absence. All I can do is apologize for the long distance from my last post but now.. I'm back in business. Lot's of exciting things in the pipeline that I can explain in more detail all in due course!! Eeeeeekkkk[:

But for now I owe you a massive catch-up of OOTD's. Sadly I haven't been able to keep a diary of picture's on my phone as I'm limited to memory space but I saved a special one for y'all anyhow!

This was one of my many attires that I wore through out my absent days! Really loving a bit of lace at the moment.

Very girly chic.

I bought this lace top from Select quite a while back as I know lace has it's tendencies of becoming very popular and then going back into hiding? Anyhow, I found this one a while back and although it's over-lay top I find it goes with pretty much.. anything?!

I'm sure y'all recognize the jeans by now. Pretty much my favourites! Can't step out the house w…

Floral Vest ;Day 53

Floral Vest
Only went and whacked out the boyfriend jeans again!! I felt with this outfit they really casual'd the whole look down so that I didn't look too girly, something I seem to be hastily moving away from at the moment. I feel like I look a bit like a 90's TV show presenter or something? LOVE.

This summer's looks and trends seem to be very urban, retro and sporty. Yes I mean sporty, as in over-sized t-shirts, baseball shirts, neon's and trainers! As I'm not too much of a sports fanatic I don't think this is an excuse to shy away from the gear?! Hence why I'm starting to wear a lot more over-sized garments and investigate into the sporty-side. 

But for now I've stuck to my urban'y side!
As you can see I've thrown girly floral's and vintage looking boyfriend jeans to create a laid back, casual friday afternoon look. I've also picked what seems to be my favourite boots around at the moment, the gummy heals! I feel they deserve this n…

Aztec Skirt ;Day 52

Aztec Skirt
I did try to type this post up on my phone but technology defeats me. All those tiny virtual keyboards and fingertip editing was too much. So.. I guess I shall be sticking with my good old fashioned plastic keyboard and computer screen.

 Anyone feeling slightly flustered? 30 degrees here in the UK meant that I was once again dreading the thought of layering up my skin with items of clothing.. Boo.

My outfit for today was pretty simplistic. I chose to wear a rather eye catching bodycon skirt as a statement piece and then work around that. I paired up a black over-sized vest top with a racer back and my black sandals. Simples !! *meerkat squeak*

Especially in hot weather I find a good bold skirt and simple accessories can be all you really need and want to wear as we all know adding more clothes than we need in heat is shooting yourself in the foot. 

Plus if you buy a bold printed skirt which is made from a thin material or Jersey fabric.. you're laughing in a heat wave. Simp…