Waxing, Shaving or Epilating? ;Day 43

Waxing, Shaving or Epilating?

I just would like to start with what my aim for this post is about. I have tried and tested a couple of hair removal methods that I personally wanted to try and see which suited me best. My opinions are my own and it's just a little information from my personal experience with each method that I have written about and shared with you today[: My way is neither right or wrong just my own! 

I decided to try and brave epilating for the first time a few days ago as I usually stick to shaving. My pain intolerance is virtually non-existent so this was perhaps a stupid idea.

My gosh the pain..

I'm not sure if this was just because I'm such a baby when it comes to anything remotely painful but this was not exactly pleasant. All this torture for just smooth legs?! Uhh nahh.. not cool.

But after the first couple of strokes I must admit the pain reduces a LOT. Now I seem to be obsessed with going over random patches I've missed on a daily basis? My Mum thinks I have a problem. Addicted to epilating? Is there a helpline for that... ?

But what do you prefer?

So after this experiment it did get me thinking about what everyone prefers? I mean I've tried them all and I'm pretty indecisive about my favourite method of hair removal. 


I believe this could be the most satisfying method invented. Not having to worry about the constant maintaining of smooth/hair free skin for at least 3 weeks. PERFECT! However, the downside for me is having to wait for the hair to grow long enough as I really don't like the thought of allowing hair growth anywhere apart from my head and arms!!

Veet Easy Wax Roll On              Veet Ready-To-Use Strips           Veet Oriental Wax

There then comes the cost of going professional. For a while I did have a home kit, which was easy to just whip out, zap in the microwave and then rip those bad boy strips off. Great, but sometimes it became a bit of a botch job and looked a little haggered at where I'd become muddled and wax had become too sticky etc. Plus, it's a little daunting knowing you're going to have to rip a strip off, which may as well be the same as running into a brick wall.. with a jet pack on for extra speed. 

Okay.. a little exaggeration used but it is painful! The more you do it though the less pain each time, which I guess is a nice bonus. Almost like a loyalty card scheme to earn something back?! HA.   


Ahh a classic! Probably one of the most popular methods in the world?!.. and cheapest! So simple, yet so effective and you don't need to wait for any hair to be a certain length. Be gone stubble!!

Although I do use this method almost every time, I do find the growing back process an absolute bit*h at times! Especially if your skins decided it's had enough and develops into a sore rash that you really can't be dealing with when everyone else has lusciously smooth legs/underarms etc.

But this definitely is the most convenient and last minute solution out of all three. I mean, a sudden change of plan for a girls night out and you're dying to wearing you new shorts/short dress.. basically in desperate need to bare those pins! But oh wait, you haven't attempted to hack away those hairs since forever. No worries, a few glides from a razor on damp skin and a little moisturizer.. BAM. So so ready[:

However, there then is the little old wives tale that the hair grows back quicker. Not quite sure if this is true or not but I personally have never noticed a deeper or thicker hair growth and I constantly shave. Who knows? Maybe it's different for different everybody, I mean no human body is the same so why would hair follicles be the same?


And last but not least.. epilating. Possibly the most terrifying out of them all? But certainly the most addictive. Especially if you allowed the hair to grow a week before your first attempt at using the little biting machine. Ouuuuccchhh!

Epilator's are extremely handy to have around because you can whip them out in your moment of need and use them the same way you would use any electrical razor, just glide it up the leg against the hair growth. But like I said the longer the hair the more pain you will receive. Another reason why epilating will not be my favourite method is because of the marks it leaves behind a couple of hours after the process. Small little red dots, almost like a shaving rash but extremely noticeable and slightly sore (as though someone's just slapped you around the legs with an encyclopedia.. or another heavy book)!!

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator             Philips Satinelle Epilator                 Braun Silk-├ępil 

The little gadgets are often quite pricey too and can vary from £30 up to a whopping £400!! I luckily inherited mine from my Granny who never used it, so I was very fortunate. Especially if you then decide you're not a fan and you've splashed a rather large sum of money on something so tiny! 

And You..

Your thoughts?! What do you prefer to use?! I know it's not something we often talk about publicly but sometimes it's good to get the gossip and know the best products on the market. I mean, there could be some God sent hair removal treatment costing pennies that no one knows about because we may be too shy to talk about how we prefer our bodies to look..

But We're All Different!


Everyone knows what makes them feel confident and what they prefer to do to make their bodies look and feel good. We've all adopted a beauty regime from the complex to the simple and there is no right or wrong way. The main thing is how you want to be, not how somebody else would 'like' you to be. 

I personally am happy sticking with my shaving razors seeing as they're cheap as chips, you can re-use them again and again, they're convenient to take on holiday with your or for over night stays and they're PAIN FREE. But I don't mind a good old cheeky wax every now and then.. just after payday when I can afford to indulge on a beauty treatment!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox





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