Sunday Part'ay ;Day 33

Sunday Part'ay

I have never experienced such a thing in my whole darn life. A party on a Sunday?! Not too sure what my thoughts are with this. I guess every night can be a possible party night.. except Monday.. that would just be too weird. But yes, a celebration occurred on a Sunday night, which obviously lead to a very hung over Monday morning. Possibly one of the most hideous things I've ever experienced.. *shuuuuder*

Sherbert cocktails, vodka jellies and classic tunes were on the cards for our pre-drinks! A quick make-up touch up and an eventful bus journey later we part'ayed on through the night to some rather old school classics, Fat Lip?.. Teenage Dirtbag?... Anyone?????


Ah yes, before this all occurred of course I had work, which meant planning two outfits in one day. The evening and the day!

My outfit of yesterday (seeing as I'm slightly behind with posts.. oops) was based around adorable dresses. Mine was a piece from Topshop! A grey ditsy patterned dress, which in some kind of sick way reminds me of little girl from The Ring? I just feel I need a long black wig and some dirt smeared here and there.. voila! Yes, that is weird I admit.

 The dress itself is made from a thin material, which is completely ideal in the summer. It's also one of those dresses you can wear casually as well as formally depending on what you wear with it.

As it was a pretty sunny day I decided to bare those legs again and embrace the pale look. Of course I added a coating of red lippy so that I wasn't completely washed out!! I think whenever I decide to wear greys or blacks I try and add a dash of colour just so it adds.. almost a sense of life to the look?

 I was a little undecided with what shoes to wear as sometimes putting the effort into painting the tootsies can put me right off sandals.  

But I whacked the bad boys out anyway and decided on a completely summery inspired outfit. Too add a little urban sheek I wore my rather dangerous looking nail ring, however it was a little too big for my fingers so I embraced it as a midi ring instead[: 

So Simple!!!

Dress- Topshop (similar one at Topshop)       Sandals- Primark    

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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