Summer Buzz ;Day 51

Summer Buzz

Made some outfit collage's for y'all[:

My outfit of the day wasn't worth putting on my post so instead I decided to let my creative juices run wild as they haven't done so in a while. I've also been looking at different sites that I hope to shop from in the future. Hopefully you'll be inspired by just some idea's I'm throwing out there[:


First up, Monki! I'm not too familiar with this store at the moment but after flicking through some of the pages of stock I am definitely intrigued! They have some beautiful pieces, which hopefully I'll be saving some pennies for. If you haven't heard of them before the best way to sum up their trends and lines are almost a boho theme? A lot of oversized pieces and bold colours. Both which are right up my street!

As I'm sure you've spotted I've got two hats on the go with this outfit. Only because I couldn't decide between a cap or a bowler hat? So I put both in to create two different looks with one outfit. If you are more of a cap kind of girl (poor poor describing words) then red lipstick and a black bag would look amazing with this dress!

If you were to opt for the bowler then I thought why not choose a daring bag such as a almost neon leopard print? That way you're adding a bright colour so that you're not too drowned in dark colour's for our summer season!!

Dress           Boots          Bowler Hat          Cap           Bag          Lipstick- 01 Kiss Me Kate

Miss Selfridge

I next found a few little treasures on Miss Selfridge, sister-ship of Topshop! So as you can guess they have very similar pieces to each other. But Miss Selfridge has a much girly'er twist on many of their pieces I find?

I found these adorable shorts with a daisy cut out panel along the waist. Rather add's a little something to your average Jo white shorts! And what can scream summer more than a white shorts?!.. well, yes there is ice-cream and daisy's.. and fun-fairs. Okay, so a lot screams summer..

As often the wind can pick up I thought why not pair a cute pair of shorts and a corset/bralet with a shirt? Easy to slip on and always lightweight. Almost a summer cardigan if you like?!

Shorts          Corset            Boots           Shirt            Ear Cuff           Necklace 

Dorothy Perkins

Finally I chose a classic store, Dorothy Perkins. I must admit I haven't been on their site for a while but after purchasing a rather lovely black belt from their store the other day for £1 I thought I would take a peek. 

It was worth it.

Dorothy Perkins have really up'd their game recently and are bringing in some really statement garments. For example, these trousers are the bomb. I think a daring print like the floral one's they are selling are such a key piece this summer. Colourful, eye catching and a really classic 60's print!! I chose blue wedges and a necklace with a hint of blue to really draw out the blue tints in the pattern too. Go on.. be daring!

Trousers            Cami                 Wedges                 Bag                 Necklace

Many of my outfit idea's are based on much bolder pieces than I would usually go for. I'm really loving all the bright colour's this season and it's bringing me out of my shell to try neon's and bolds that I would normally run a mile from. Also new items such as patterned skirts or mini dresses are something I really am ambitious to give a go just because I've seen so many in magazines and in shops that I just think why the heck not?! 

It's good to be ambitious and if you like it but you're unsure what your mother may think.. BUY IT. It's your body and you're the one who will be wearing it.

 If it makes you feel happy/sexy/confident then it's definitely worth the money.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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