Oh So Black & White ;Day 36

Oh So Black & White

Ah yeah, today was very lovely. Whipping out the shorts and shirts for sure! 

Today, I wore one of my favourite tops from good old Topshop! However, this shirt does remind me a little of baby cribs, you know the bumpers they put inside the crib to stop baby from hitting their head? So a little bit of a comforting childhood memory in a shirt.. why the heck not?!

The shirt itself is also a really 'cool' top to wear as the fabric is so light and the tiny decorative holes make it really comfortable to wear in warm weather. Although the neckline tightened around my neck a couple of times, it wasn't unbearable and just needed a little adjusting to bring back the normality. The cut off wasn't as cropped as I expected when purchasing this top but actually sits quite nicely by the belly button.. unless I have an extremely high positioned belly button.. OH.

I then paired it up with my black shorts also from Topshop, which are super super breezy and light weight, perfect for smouldering hot weather. They also have lace detailing up the side just to make them a little more interesting. 

..Where the ice-cream dude at?!!

I couldn't decide on what shoes to go for today. Either stick with sandals, which are heaven sent in hot/sticky weather or boots just to add a little grunge vibe to the outfit?! 

Of course I chose my boots. I love the fact that ankle boots give an illusion that you have a little extra length to your legs and when wearing shorts that is such a huge bonus. Wearing a shoe with a small heel or a cut off ankle can really make a difference to having longer looking legs!

.. Even if it means having sore feet by the end of the day!

 I stuck with a classic black and white theme with today's outfit as I felt this look didn't require much colour to it. But of course having a coat of red nail polish is never a bad call. 

My John Lennon sunnies also made another appearance as I'm falling deeply in love with them. I've also spotted another similar pair in town, but this time so much more rounded. The resistance is becoming pretty tough!

             Top- Topshop     Shorts- Topshop (similar ones at Miss Selfridge)       
Boots- Fashion Union (similar ones at ASOS)    Sunglasses- ASOS (similar ones at ASOS)

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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