Monochrome ;Day 40


It must seem that my whole wardrobe consists of Topshop clothes but I assure it, it does not! I'm just really loving Topshop's current trends at the moment and the different styles they offer. I also love finding unusual items and pairing different things with them to create unique looks. It's all about discovering what you love and wearing what you want to wear[:

I recently purchased this monochrome design shirt with short sleeves from Topshop, yet again spending more money than I really should. Although this ones a little pricey I definitely think this is one of the cutest shirts I own and certainly worth the money as I feel a lot of wear from it. 

I'm not a big fan of my stomach and it seems most girls are conscious about this part of their body too. However, the trends that are merging from the high-street seem to be a lot of cropped and short cut pieces that maybe some of us aren't too confident wearing.

But why should we avoid the crop top?! Just because we may not be willing to show a little flesh doesn't stop us from being a cropped-offender. 

A lot of the designs I see in shops are actually really cute and original pieces that will make really unique outfits, which is why I am not willing to give up on buying crop tops.

If you aren't too keen on showing off your stomach, then why not stick with high waisted? Jeans, shorts, skirts and trousers with a high waist line can be worn with tons of cropped garments and you can still create some of the best looks for day to day wear. It may even look better without showing flesh?! I've also noticed that wearing a cropped shirt and high waisted jeans can make you look smaller framed but still allows the illusion that you have longer legs, thanks to the where the waist line sits.

Crop tops can be for everyone!  

 If you love a garment that badly then don't be put of buy how cropped it may be or if it comes up a little short. If you love it that badly then you can make it work!! I always try to imagine an outfit before I purchase something so that I know for definite how to style it.

Shirt- Topshop   Jeans- Topshop   Bracelet- Primark


Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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